If you don’t want it to be negative, change it

I recently stumbled over another blog post, where someone was complaining about Twitter and how negative this platform, or better, its users nowadays are. And I don’t mean people like Mike Monteiro, who is complaining about the people behind Twitter, for a reason. And I also agree, that more and more people use Twitter to simply chuck up their bad experiences/day/thoughts … you name it.

If you now decide to leave Twitter as a platform, as you can’t stand it anymore, that is fine. I myself have to say, that I still use it a lot. On one hand it still helps me with my business a lot. I announce, advertise and discuss my event related things on @btconf. On the other hand I chat and stay in touch with friends at @marcthiele. I like the way of thinking about and using it, like I learned when learning about the IndieWeb movement. But I still like to use it.

If you don’t leave Twitter, why not starting to focus on the positive. Try not to post all your negative crap, but every time something positive happens to you or something where you think it might help or motivate other people you go and broadcast that.

I think if we are not satisfied with something and how it is, we are the ones who have to change it, if it is of interest for us. Again: if it is not, you are right, when you maybe better simply leave it. But, please, do this then instead of adding to the negative noise.