Kirby 3 is Here


First of all: congratulations to Bastian Allgeier and his team. Today is the day they were working so hard for and spend so much time on. Finally the new version, which is Kirby 3 is here!

What’s New

So much is new in Kirby 3, which you can all read in detail on the fresh and new site for and about Kirby 3. But here is a list of the new and updated features:

  • a completely overhauled new panel
    • sections and tabs
    • better user account management
    • a Vue.js UI kit
    • improved fields
  • drafts and custom publishing workflows
  • a brand new plugin system
  • REST API and Headless CMS
  • virtual pages and external data sources
  • an asynchronous media API
  • shared collections
  • a new email engine to easily send emails
  • better caching
  • and much more


I had so many conversation with Bastian over the years and I think I can say, that I know how he is feeling today. But you know what, Bastian? You made it. I hope the new version takes off as it deserves it. I myself am already looking forward to updating my websites to the latest version soon (planned for February). Thanks for your work and effort, of pushing Kirby to what it is.