Mozilla Roadshow – Spread The Word

An illustration showing a women with a VR headset in front of a screen and a sentence left to it stating Developer Roadshow 2019
The Mozilla Developer Roadshow Europe in August

Earlier this year I met with Mozilla in San Francisco. They are wonderful supporters of my beyond tellerrand events and when we discussed the idea of co-operating for a series of free events for the web dev community in Germany and Austria, I was directly in.

So we came up with four stops for this:

Registration for all cities are great, but of course I want it to be absolutely jam packed. Not because we want to make any money (it is a free event by Mozilla), but because we want to meet the community – YOU!

Details about content, idea and the four stops can be read in a blog post on my btconf blog or at the roadshow website, but I am writing this blog post here to ask for your support: if you’d spread the word, so we all can meet and listen to a view interesting and inspiring talks together, that would be fantastic.

And if you have questions after reading the details about the roadshow, don’t hesitate to send me an email. Happy to chat to you and answer your questions.

See you in one or many of the stops in August! Oh … and thank you for spreading the word ;)