Portafilter Rack

For a longer time I was looking into a solution to get rid of the mess around my espresso machine. I have three portafilters: one with a filter basket for one shot and one spout, one with a filter basket for a double shot or two espresso and a double spout and last but not least one with no spout, or, a bottomless portafilter.

As i am only always using one of the above portafilters, the other two are somewhere next to my machine and I don’t have the most space around my machine. I thought of building a little rack out of wood to hang the portafilters I don’t need onto the wall. Then I thought, I do a little bit of research as other people might have the same issue and already solved it.

I found a couple of nice looking solutions, like this one, by someone calling himself chuckcoffee or this one, which comes even with a magnet for the blind filter basket. There are even solutions from companies like ECM, made of metal, but sadly also quite pricey.

I then looked on Etsy and found something called Portakeeper, which does not waste a lot of space on your wall, is easy to mount (you can use 3M sticking pads to mount them) and does not cost too much. Maybe not as beautiful as wooden versions, but you don’t really see them behind the portafilter either. I took a couple of photos of how they look and how I mounted the two I bought.

A collage of photos showing how I mounted my Portakeeper onto the wall to hold my portafilters.
I bought this “Portakeeper” on Etsy

Of course, those are “only” 3D printed and you can find similar versions on Thingiverse (e. g. this one or this one), but I like that the one behind the Etsy solution provided a great service, helping me with questions and I was happy to buy from him (plus, I don’t have a 3D printer anyways).