The Unsexy Bits


Today I received a newsletter by my friend James Victore. It was a short note on The Unsexy Bits and he is speaking about all the things that also belong to his career and which he does not really like/want to do in the first place, but has to, because … well … you have to do it.

I had to get back to work. I had to make the doughnuts. That is how I made a career. I had to get back to all the un sexy bits like keeping up with technology, maintaining a schedule and organizing my days, asking for more elbow room and more money, even following through on the clerical office work— all these are part of building a career.

Besides that he is speaking about his life as a designer, I see the same for me. There is my life at my events and other events, but there is also the life in my studio. Sitting on my chair, having to ask this speaker again, to get back to me, remind that partner to review the partnership document or to send me the money we agreed on. I need to send emails (a lot!), maintain my calendar and as well as James, I have to keep up with technology to not loose track.

But you know, it feels good to see and hear, that other people do have to do the same. Often times we tend to forget this, as we are blinded by the shiny world and work on Instagram, the motivating tweets about someones success and newly achieves job etc. Behind any of those great careers, especially of those who are in business for a long time, is hard work.

By the way: James has a great newsletter to subscribe to and a weekly podcast that is worth checking out …