⇾ Locally Scoped CSS Variables: What, How, and Why

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On June 5th already, Una Kravets published a blog post called Locally Scoped CSS Variables: What, How, and Why in which she explains how they work, what’s possible already and why CSS Variables, aka CSS Custom Properties, are better than what was there before.

⇾ Feather – open source SVG icons

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Feather is a very nice looking outline icon SVG set. All open source and by Cole Bemis.

⇾ Best Practices for Website Header Design

Marina Yalanska of Tubikstudio has written a nice to read article with tips and best practices on website header design.

⇾ How to Setup HTTPS Locally Without Getting Annoying Browser Privacy Errors

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While reading the latest Kirby Kosmos, I found this article about how to setup HTTPS locally without getting annoying browser privacy errors. Very useful.

⇾ Fuck Facebook

Don’t get me wrong: I also use Facebook. For many reasons it is quite nice and useful for me. But the reason why Gruber says this, and why I say “Yes, that’s right” are things like this:

Treat Facebook as the private walled garden that it is. If you want something to be publicly accessible, post it to a real blog on any platform that embraces the real web, the open one.


The Internet Archive is our only good defense against broken links. Blocking them from indexing Facebook content is a huge “fuck you” to anyone who cares about the longevity of the stuff they link to.

Read the full post here. Well spoken, Mr. Gruber.

⇾ The invisible parts of CSS

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If you use CSS in your daily work, your primary goal is probably focused around making things ‘look right’. How this is achieved is often far less important than the end result. This means we care less about how CSS works than the correct syntax and visual results.

Mike Riethmuller on The invisible parts of CSS – a great blog post about how CSS works. Please read.

⇾ Simple Icons

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SVG icons for popular brands, maintained by Dan Leech.

⇾ “A Day with Shopify” in Bristol – write-up

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Nice write-up by Oliver Lindberg for “A Day with Shopify” in Bristol last year.

⇾ Handling images in Kirby

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Sonja Broda, aka texnixe, has written a very nice article about how to handle images in Kirby.

Read: Handling images in Kirby

⇾ Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?

Kevin Vigneault asks an interesting question with:

Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?

He doesn’t only ask the question, but comes up with some thoughts on what to change in his opinion.

Read: Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?