⇾ Data Stories with Brendan Dawes

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They seem to have recorded 90 episodes already, but somehow I managed to miss this podcast. Just because Brendan Dawes was their guest in issue 90 and tweeted about it, I know about this podcast. A lovely episode and nice to listen to. I mean … come one … it is Brendan. People must think we have a love affair anyways as much as I tell people about him …

Listen to Data Stories with Brendan Dawes

⇾ TWUMBLE – Episode 9 with Joschi Kuphal

I took an unwanted pause after episode 8 of my little podcast called TWUMBLE. This was not planned and just happened as I had too much work with my last beyond tellerrand event and some family reasons needed attention. But now I am starting over again and am happy to finally managed to get Joschi Kuphal on the show, which we planned for quite a while.

Check episode number 9 of my German show called TWUMBLE.

⇾ Typora

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I’m using iAWriter and love it, but this Typora editor looks nice. Having a look now.

⇾ Has the Internet Killed Curly Quotes?

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Has the Internet Killed Curly Quotes?

⇾ LeanDUS on January 18th – “Barrierefreies Webdesign”

On January 18th, sipgate is running their 24th edition of the free LeanDUS meetup. This time with a German talk about accessibility with the title “Barrierefreies Webdesign – WCAG 2.0 erfolgreich umsetzen” by Jan Hellbusch.

Get your ticket and see you there.

⇾ The Experience Running An Event Twice

ffconf is a one-day event with a great vibe, lovely atmosphere and a well curated line-up each and every year. This year Julie and Remy Sharp ran ffconf twice. That means they ran the event on Thursday and on Friday again, which was not meant to be a two-day event, but a two times one-day event. My try to explain this on its own maybe already shows one of the issues they had to deal with, but I think many of the things Remy writes in his blog post, are a great learn for everybody running events. Thanks Remy for writing this. And one day, I manage to attend again!

⇾ Amsterdam for Fronteers 2016

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Picture of Amsterdam

Still fighting a cold, but good to be back in #Amsterdam for #fronteers16

⇾ Pins won't save the World

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We know pins won’t save the world, but wearing them might make us feel better. And convincing our likeminded liberal friends to vote for Hillary can go a long way, especially in a swing state.

By Jessica Walsh, Felipe Rocha, Stefan Sagmeister, Daniel Brokstad, Ange Iannarelli, Chen Yu, Kim Corti, and Harry Butt

⇾ Handy ebook about fonts in apps

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“Fonts in Apps” – very handy (German) ebook by Frank Rausch. Lovely talk btw. at #typoday, Frank!

⇾ The Age of the Wordless Logo

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Jürgen Siebert posted this link on Twitter this morning. An interesting read about the shift to create or re-brand logos without using text anymore.