⇾ No beyond tellerrand in Munich in January

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I have already stated in my Munich Wrap-Up from last January, that it is likely that this year no beyond tellerrand in Munich in 2019. Well, I have really enjoyed organising and running Munich’s edition a lot and I will definitely be back, but as you can see from the announcement of Düsseldorf and the ticket sales for Düsseldorf starting next Monday, there won’t be a January(!) edition.

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⇾ Preparing a Conference Talk – Jeremy Keith

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Jeremy Keith is speaking so much, I can easily say he is one of the old rabbits (hehehe … in Germany we say someone “Ein alter Hase”, if he is around for a long time – I think “to be an old hand” is the English term for it) is in the event landscape and he is one of the people you are able to learn a lot from.

In this post Jeremy shares how he starts to prepare a new talk and I found many similarities to how I start doing this. Mostly starting on paper is what I also do and what helps me to sort the many loose ideas and sketches I have in my head. Therefore, I can recommend reading his post, even if you are used to speaking at events. You never know if changing your habits and trying something new is leading to a different experience when preparing a presentation.

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⇾ Free JavaScript Skillshare Class

Christian Heilmann‘s Skillshare JavaScript class is available for free, if you sign up for a two month trial at Skillshare. No credit card needed. Simple login is enough.

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⇾ Combining Fonts by Matej Latin

One of the hardest decision always is (at least for me) choosing typefaces. Matej has written a guide to help you (and me).

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⇾ Holding the Door Open for Others

My friend Brendan Dawes publishes on his own website and encourages you to do as well.

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⇾ Print Stylesheets 2018

A well written overview about the state of print stylesheets in 2018. Posted by Rachel Andrew on Smashing Magazine

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⇾ IFTTT Workflow with Instagram and Kirby

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A few days back I asked my friend Brendan Dawes via a DM on Twitter, how he publishes his Instagram pictures to his blog. He said:

(A) combo of ifttt and a script I’ve written. I can feel a blog post coming on…

Now he has written this post and explains how he uses IFTTT and a webhook to post from Instagram to his own blog. You can easily take his example and adapt this to many other services. Thanks Bren for writing this.

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⇾ Learn CSS Variables

A free course teaching CSS Variables in 8 chapters by Per Harald Borgen.

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⇾ Tips for Running Workshops

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In this little post, Tim give a few handy tips for planning and running a workshop. Even if he states _“An important caveat: this is what works for me.” I am sure, that many people find some useful bits and pieces in there.

Read: Tips for Running Workshops

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⇾ Photos of SmashingConf London

My set of photos of the first SmashingConf in London

Vitaly and his cake

During the event Vitaly had birthday. Happy Birthday ;)

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