⇾ The Age of the Wordless Logo

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Jürgen Siebert posted this link on Twitter this morning. An interesting read about the shift to create or re-brand logos without using text anymore.

⇾ Support the Rebranding of Offscreen

Great things need support. Support my friend Kai Brach and his Offscreen Magazine with their rebranding:

⇾ TWUMBLE – Episode 6 with Kai Brach

Kai Brach runs Offscreen Magazine and The Modern Desk and is equally passionated about it as I am about beyond tellerrand. That’s why i love to chat withhim, where ever I meet him. This time he was in Australia, while I was in Krefeld and we had a nice conversation on Skype.

Check episode number 6 of my German show called TWUMBLE.

⇾ The Typography of Stranger Things

A few weeks ago, before my holidays, I have posted a link to an article by Yves Peters, in which he geeks out about the Typography of Star Trek. This one now does the same, but with the Netflix series Stranger Things.

⇾ TWUMBLE – Episode 5 with Tobi Lessnow

Tobi is a musician. From the bottom of his heart he is a musician. In 2013, after he made some electronic music for a wrap-up video for beyond tellerrand, he suggested to make sketchnotes in music during the breaks between the talks. And since this, he is part of the btconf family, summarising the talks in music right after the speaker leaves the stage.

In show number 5 of TWUMBLE (in German), I was speaking with Tobi about passion, motivation, honesty and his life as a musician.

⇾ The Typography of Star Trek

I love if someone is completely into one specific topic. Certainly for Yves Peters this is type and typography, especially when it comes to movies, as you might have noticed, when he gave his talk about Trajan in movie posters at beyond tellerrand. In one of his latest blog posts, he is writing about the typography of Star Trek … I love it!

⇾ Designing a Styleguide

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Everybody seems to speak about style guides at the moment. This post by Jonathan White is a good starting point on how to learn designing a style guide.

⇾ Typography Handbook

Kenneth Wang has written a great guide on web typography. He says “This is a handbook on best typographic practices through the lens of a web designer.” You can find the handbook right here.

⇾ TWUMBLE – Episode 4 with Eva-Lotta Lamm

Eva-Lotta Lamm visited me in my home base in Krefeld. We sat in the sun, drank coffee and chatted about life, work, money, motivation and all those things that belong to our lifes.

⇾ A comprehensive guide to font loading strategies

In addition to Kenneth Wang’s link to his Typography Handbook from earlier in the morning, this guide about font loading strategies by Zach Leatherman might help you to avoid the biggest pitfalls with loading your fonts.