Why not emailing me directly if you want to speak?

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Usually I do not have a call for proposals for beyond tellerrand, but I do get a lot of emails from people who want to speak. There are plenty of groups emailing me. Sometimes it is obvious that someone just wants to pitch and advertise a product or service to the audience of my event. They get a friendly reply with my Partnership PDF. Then there is a few that sound interesting and who get a reply asking for more information. Usually as soon as I get this missing information I sort them into a pool of speakers and topics I have, which I look through every now and then to check whats in there and what might be relevant for an upcoming event, depending whom I have already invited.

Sometimes I also get these kind of emails:

A certain kind of emails I get.

If I get something like this, I ask myself: if the person on which behalf I get this email has looked into my event and finds it interesting, why not getting in touch with me in person? I mean certainly you must have notice that a lot of my event is about personality and community, so the first thing someone should do is getting in touch with me directly instead through someone else. At least I think like this and actually reply with exactly this question plus the suggestion to let the person interested getting in touch with me directly.