A Wonderful Morning

You wake up at 6:25 and are in a pretty grumpy mood. All kids leave the house, you take the little one to kindergarten and get out into the forest to walk the dog.

Back from the walk, you get yourself a coffee and sit down in front of your computer to start working on emails. Tweetbot pings you that people mention your event and I start smiling.

What a great morning if your Twitter timeline is full of people “complaining” about having to wear and use @btconf swag. hahaha … love you people 😘

Screenshot showing a conversation on Twitter with people dressed in beyond tellerrand t-shirts

Off to Berlin to Check a Couple of Venues That Are in My Closer Selection

4:30 in the morning is certainly not my time to get up. At the airport visit Berlin for the day. Having appointments at a few venues to check if anything fits to be the new home for beyond tellerrand in Berlin.

Anyone fancy breakfast or a coffee around 8:30 or 9:00 somewhere close to Neukölln? Ping me

Think About! Conference

I had a nice chat to Jakob of the organising team of this new event and it really sounds interesting, what they are planning. I got caught by the line …

Event about Technology, Design and their impact on Society

… and I am really interested to see what this means and how it turns out. The line-up looks promising and if you are interested in finding out more, I suggest you check their website and/or follow them on Twitter. And as Think About! is taking place after my 2019 Düsseldorf edition, I am definitley going to check it out.

Will we meet?

⇾ An Alfred Workflow for WebPageTest

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If you are using Alfred, like I do, this WebPageTest workflow for Alfred comes in super handy.

⇾ Visit: An Alfred Workflow for WebPageTest

⇾ Risking a Homogeneous Web

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The big concern here is we’ve lost another voice from an engine perspective.

What Tim says!

⇾ Visit: Risking a Homogeneous Web

⇾ CSS Animation 101

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Practical and theoretical lessons in this free book about CSS Animation.

⇾ Visit: CSS Animation 101

⇾ State of CSS Resets in 2018

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Ire Aderinokun hat a look at the state of CSS resets in 2018 and what we use these days. I found this an interesting read.

⇾ Visit: State of CSS Resets in 2018

Flickr Not Providing and Invoice or Receipt

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I just extended my subscription on Flickr for another two year. I guess only, because I have not managed to backup all my photos and those of the beyond tellerrand pool. I pay for their product and they don’t event provide a receipt or invoice. Poor.

What is so difficult with this? A PDF that states:

  • What I paid
  • What for I paid
  • Their address
  • My address

That’s more or less it. That can be easily automated and I think for a company like this, it is quite poor. I had a similar experience lately with IPvanish and I think that is really bad.

I already made the decision to leave Flickr and currently look into what I can use or maybe, if it is even enough to host the photos on my own site. But this really just makes me regretting I even paid for the two-year subscription recently.

⇾ Tipps for Public Speaking and Presenting

At Notist, you’ll get tipps for public speaking and presenting during December. First post titled “Visit The Room” is online and more should be listed in their advent speaker tips section soon.

⇾ Visit: Tipps for Public Speaking and Presenting

IndieWebCamp Berlin 2018

For a long time, Joschi is taking care of organising an IndieWeb Camp with changing partners right before beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf and Berlin. I love this idea to run an IndieWeb Camp right before beyond tellerrand and am happy that Joschi, Stefan, Tantek, Aaron, Jeremy and others take care of this. I do my best to help as well and am organising catering and venue often time, as well as sponsoring of travel budget. The downside of running them before my own event is, that I never really can attend and I would love to do this. Solution: I have to get to one in Nuremberg or elsewhere to finally get further with this for my own websites. I included web mentions already, but would love to automate some of the things, when posting on my website.

For Berlin’s edition, there are a few wrap-up blog posts and photos, that I’d like to point you to:

And here you can find the page of the event itself at the Indie Web Site.

Why don’t you join us right before beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf next year? Dates will be May 11 and 12 on Saturday and Sunday. Attending, or better, joining does not cost a penny and it is always great fun. All information on the beyond tellerrand website soon or at the Indie Web Website.

See you there!