“Vertical Churches” by Richard Silver


This is stunningly beautiful. This is a photography project by Richard Silver.

A collage showing 5 photos of churches, photographed in kind of a 360 degree way
Beautiful and different view on churches. Copyright and taken by Richard Silver.

I can’t describe why, but somehow those photos have something really fascinating. But simply have a look yourself on his website, where you find them in higher resolution.

An Example of How Nice People Are

This is one example of the lovely comments – via email, direct message or alike – I get often after running an event. And this also is an example for my reason running those events.

A screenshot of an email in which someone tells me how much he liked my event in Berlin 2019

I can’t describe the happiness whenever I receive one of those emails. Thanks a lot to all those who make the effort and take the time to write me. ❤️

Off to Vienna for Webclerks Conference

Looking forward to two days in Vienna to attend the Webclerks Conference. Excited to meet friends (and make new ones) after running beyond tellerrand in Berlin just a little more than a week ago. Also happy to meet a couple of people there, which I had not spoken to a lot at my own event as a matter of time and business ;)

Se you there …

Apple …

I recently, as from time to time, changed all my email account passwords. But I am not able to update any of my accounts on my iPhone X. I can change the passwords, get the blue checkmarks, when a password is changed, but when I go back to my email program, I get the same damn error, that there is a problem with my accounts and I should check the login credentials.

Really Apple?

I am absolutely sad seeing your quality going continuously down over time. I am not even complaining, that there are no new highlights or features are coming in updates (well those superb Memoji stickers 🙄). I am sad to see the hardware quality of the laptops going down (keys fall off etc.), but even the basic stuff is getting worse and worse.

Sad to see this …

Instagram? Same, Same …


On Twitter my friend Brendan was asking if others also noticed a similar way of talking into the camera.

[…] Same phrasing, same mannerisms, same sentence structures. […]

I am sure he is right and I know what he means, as it also counts for images/photos (I am guilty here as well), but I was asking, if he’d have examples.

A funny way of holding a mirror in front of us

Keith from Ireland replied with a brilliant link to [an account named insta_repeat, which I haven’t come across before. Brilliant way of holding a mirror in front of us!

A Snippet out of the Briefing Email my Partners get for beyond tellerrand

About one or two weeks before an event takes place, my Partners (how I like to call my sponsors) get a longer email with all the details and instructions for anything that is in their package.

If they have a booth during the conference, I like to give them this little bit of advise

One tip you should please follow, as I know my attendees for 10 years now: don’t go with the classic table setup, where you sit behind your table with your laptop open during the breaks. That kills it and I promise, no one is gonna speak to you, as they don’t want to disturb you while you work.

🤷‍♂️ Right?

WebConf Asia Cancelled


You can imagine, that I am totally sorry to hear that Charis Rooda had to cancel this year’s WebConf Asia. Surely the situation in Hong Kong caused this, but knowing how much passion Charis puts into organising it, it must be such a tough decision to cancel your event. As she says:

We have not taken this decision lightly, and have kept hope until last week that the situation would improve (enough) so we could still hold a great event. Unfortunately, we feel that this is no longer the situation, and therefore we feel obliged to postpone. It’s breaking our hearts and we are very sorry.

Well, I believe this 100%. Fingers crossed for the next one then, dear Charis!

⇾ The Freelance Life

Insights into starting, surviving, and growing your freelance business.

And this is what it is. I mean, guides are not for everyone and some of the things might be seen differently by you, but maybe you find the one or other useful bit in this guid.

⇾ Visit: The Freelance Life

⇾ Screen Size Map


Not sure how useful this in the end, but it is fun exploring the different screen sizes with this tool.

Screen Size Map visualisation

⇾ Visit: Screen Size Map

The First Year in the Last 13 Years, Where I’m Not Visiting Brighton

I am just back from the lovely ScriptConf, where I had a fabulous time meeting new and old friends. I have been overwhelmed also by the positive conversations about my own event and the many people complimenting me about it and telling me, they are happy that Munich is going to be back.

But when I made my coffee this morning, it dawned on me, that this year, 2019, will be the first year since 2006, that I am not travelling to Brighton at least one time for an event. Since 2006 – so every time – I attended Reasons, the former Flash On The Beach. I also attended many of the dConstruct events and enjoyed all of them a lot. Both sadly came to an end.

There is ffconf, which used to be called Full Frontal Conference earlier. An event by Remy and Julie, which is long running and lovely, but sadly always clashes with my Berlin dates, since I run the Berlin edition of beyond tellerrand. Definitely worth going!

Then there are a series of events Jeremy Keith puts on. Like Responsive Day Out (don’t know if there will be another after three editions, though) or Patterns Day, which took place in June, where I have been away with the Smashing Team to run SmashingConf Toronto. So I missed this as well.

That means, if I won’t travel to Brighton after the Berlin edition of beyond tellerrand, this is really going to be the first year in a long time, where I have to miss Brighton. And I do miss Brighton. And dConstruct. And Reasons.

Leaves me with a nostalgic, little bit sad feeling. But also with a lot of warm and good memories.