Time to Relax DUS24

Photo showing me on the right holding my wife Tanja in my arm and we both look into the camera, standing in front of a sun down.

Running events like beyond tellerrand is wonderful and even more that I can call something like this “my job”. But it’s also exhausting. You might think, once the festival is over I can relax, but usually there is a lot of work post-event to be done. Easily two more weeks full of stuff to say thanks, pay the bills and collect material and coverage etc. And yes, there is Berlin also, where I need to focus on to make it as good as the last one in Düsseldorf.

Therefore it is the best to have my lovely wife Tanja to remind me to actually take a break and just calm down, doing nothing but spending time in the sun, trying to process what has been experienced. We had a fantastic weekend and relaxed at the Dutch sea. Thank you Tanja! ❤️

beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf 2024 is sold out

Had a lovely breakfast prepared by my children for father’s day today. Sitting in my studio now, sun is shining outside, am listening to Jane’s Addiction and writing welcome letters for the speakers of the sold out beyond tellerrand festival in Düsseldorf 2024.

Am happy.

Literatur & Livemusik 2024

On May 13th and 14th, I organise my annual stop of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf. If you are from Düsseldorf or arrive in Düsseldorf before you maybe want to attend “Literatur & Livemusik 2024” by my friend Lars Terlinden, taking place from May 9th to 12th.

Title-Banner of Literatur & Livemusik

It offer a book market with more than 12.000 books, concerts and much more. Next to this you can attend a reading of Marcus Bensmann who reads parts of [“Der AfD-Komplex”]( ?ref=marcthiele).

All readings and concerts are free to attend, but surely a donation is more than welcome! Any profit made is going into charity projects. Find all details here.

Flyer of Literatur & Livemusik 2024

My Desktop

Dirk Hesse collects photos of creatives – and who isn’t creative – for his website “Le Bureau”. Mine was recently published and I wanted to point you to this lovely little project of Dirk.

He also invites to a short interview, for those of you who speak German. I like projects like this and it reminds me of those, where people show they favourite menu bar helpers, tools or what’s in their bag.

Thanks, dear Dirk, for having me at Le Bureau!



A generated film that never is played in the same way, you ask? For whom could this work out and isn't that too chaotic to watch? Well, if your subject is Brian Eno and his life, it is absolutely fitting.

Panel with Eno and the people behind the film

At least the version I have seen on Saturday in the Barbican in London was an absolute watchable and great experience. So proud of what my friend Brendan Dawes is part of here. Gary Hustwit, Bren and their team did a wonderful job here and if you have a chance to watch it, you should not miss out.

Vic Lee, Jude Pullen and me – aka wild hair bunch

Next to this I used the chance to meet a couple of more people in London. Like the tow chaps on the photo and Keir Whitaker on Sunday morning. Go and meet the people you know if you are in a city they live in or are close to. Always great and new experiences.

Being the Guest in Radio Roggermann


Last week I had the honour of being the guest of Silke in her live streamed radio show Radio Roggermann. It was great fun and you can listen back to it here (including the music). Show is in German, though.

Patterns Day 2024

Despite some personal problems within the family during my trip to Brighton, which made me worry, I had a wonderful time at this year’s Patterns Day. It was the third time this event took place and once more it was great to meet old friends and make new friends during the day.

Took me a while, also because it is only 8 weeks until beyond tellerrand Düsseldorf, but here are a few impressions of how it was …

Packing my Bag

A longer time ago (11 years to be exact) I started to shoot what’s in my backpack bevor I took off to event adventures. I did not shoot many of them, but always liked the idea and brought this back now.

This time: Patterns Day in Brighton.

Packing my Bag

Andrew Scott

I stumbled over the artwork by Andrew Scott on Instagram. I like that he uses the whole thing, you attach to your wall as an art piece and not just what is in the frame ;)

Like this one, in which “the artwork” cracks the frame with a hammer. Or this one where the glass of the frame is hit with a baseball bat (he has more of this kind, with smashed glass).

Well, simply check all of his work ;) Oh, and of course: visit his website!

Farewell A Book Apart

I got many of their publications in my bookshelves or in my digital library. It feels like I bought the first one last month and now they are closing their doors.

This is a farewell and thanks for all the wonderful publications. 🥂 to Jason Santa Maria, Katel LeDu (always a pleasure working with you also on partnerships!), Jeffrey Zeldman and anyone else involved of course!

Sad to see you leaving the publishing stage!