⇾ “Yes or No?” — One Checkbox vs Two Radio Buttons (Sara Soueidan)

Should you use a checkbox? Or should you use two radio buttons? Which one should you use when you can use both?

These are the questions Sara is looking into. What’s the answer? Well, read on to get her point of view here …

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Morning Impressions with a Panda

A photo I took in the morning, showing a cuddle toy panda placed on a tree in our forest.

More impressions from a morning walk. Not as nice to shoot, when I compare it to yesterday’s weather, but the autumn mood and atmosphere clearly shines through. Found a panda, a giant asparagus (?) and deer.

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November Morning Impressions

A photo I took in the morning, showing a foggy field, where the sun is breaking through the fog, a house far away on the right and a few trees on the left side.

Impressions from a walk on an early Monday morning. Somehow a nice way to start the week. It has been pretty cold and a foggy curtain hung over the fields and forest. But the sun gave it a lovely light and color. So I grabbed my iPhone and shot these photos while being out with my dog.

Have a good start into the new week all of you! ☀️

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⇾ A Complete Guide to CSS Gradients by Geoff Graham


A nice, (maybe) useful and complete guide to CSS gradients by Geoff Graham on CSS Tricks

⇾ Visit: A Complete Guide to CSS Gradients by Geoff Graham

Blackmagic Design ATEM Switchers Update Now Stores Startup State

On October 27 Blackmagic Design released an ATEM switchers update to 8.5.1 that finally saves the startup state of an ATEM Mini. This is great news, as you now don’t have to load your state using restore anymore and your media library is also stored on the device. This also is super handy, as you not necessarily need a laptop anymore, when you are on the road and are streaming, as the device, once powered up, has all the settings stored. But do you spot the sad part?

ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO now have non-volatile memory.

Yes. This update sadly only brings this to the ATEM Mini Pro and ATEM Mini Pro ISO. Any ATEM Mini owners, still need to restore their settings every time they start the device to load the media library for example.

Anyways, I am happy that at least two of my three ATEM Minis are able to start with the settings I need now.

Short after Blackmagic Design released the version 8.5.1, they released version 8.5.2 which fixes a bug that some external USB drives did not work anymore, when trying to record videos with the ATEM Mini Pro and the ATEM Mini Pro ISO.

Visit the Blackmagic Design support center to download the latest version.

⇾ Forensic Architecture Timeline and 3D Model of Beirut Port Explosion

Impressive work on the research and building this forensic model about what possibly happened during and before the explosion in Beirut.

Forensic Architecture was invited by Mada Masr to examine open source information including videos, photographs, and documents to provide a timeline and a precise 3D model to help investigate the events of that day.

⇾ Visit: Forensic Architecture Timeline and 3D Model of Beirut Port Explosion

Painting with the Web (Matthias Ott)

I actually can’t add too much to Matthias’ article. He take Richter’s work and his process and compares this to his idea of how we should think about building for the web. He says:

By using static wireframes and static layouts, by separating design and development, we are often limiting our ability to have that creative dialogue with the Web and its materials.

So true. I had a lovely conversation about something similar also with Cassie and Charlie in my last Stay Curious Café.

But read on yourself now. ;)

Happy 200 Dear Veerle

Illustration by Veerle Pieters showing a big 200 to celebrate the 200th edition of her newsletter

This morning I had edition 200 of Veerle’s wonderful newsletter in my inbox. I am still a big sucker for newsletters and am subscribed to a lot. But honestly: there are not too many that are as consistent in terms of being sent and quality for such a long time.

I raise my coffee cup, say congrats! and on to another 200. ;)

Lightroom – Reset Effect/Setting with Double Click

First: yeah … maybe some of you have known this for years and found it somewhere else on the Web. But I thought, I just write it down for myself and those who have not found it somewhere else yet.

Screenshot showing a part of the Lightroom UI with an arrow pointing to the reset button

You might know, that you are able to rest your whole development settings with the “Reset” button down in the lower right.

This is, as said above, where you erase all the changes you made and bring your photo back to import state.

But what, if you don’t want to reset all settings? When you only want to reset a certain setting. Yes, you can fiddle around with the slider and drag it back to zero. Or click at the single click on the number and type in “0”.

An animated if that shows part of the Lightroom UI and me double clicking on a settings name to reset it

But did you know, that you can double click on the settings name to simply bring it back to zero? What?!? Yes, simply double click it and it resets the corresponding setting to zero. I never ever have to fiddle around with either the slider or the numeric entry. Yay!

Well, I did not and this already made my day. Hope it made anyone else’s day also! ;)

15 Years Clearleft

I actually don’t know when I met someone from Clearleft for the first time. And even not, if that was in Brighton back then. Maybe these details sometimes don’t matter Especially as I only connect good memories with the times I meet anyone working Clearleft. The conversations, the experiences when I meet someone from Clearleft at events, or, attending event organised and hosted by Clearleft.

This year Clearleft turns 15. Time to say congrats for 15 years and on to another 15 and more and new adventures.

Cassie Evans has created a lovely timeline, taking you on a little journey through these 15 years. And if you like, you can even send a little postcard to them.