⇾ Animation That Adds Value

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Animation certainly can be annoying when over-used and not used, where it makes sense. Even worse is, when it prevents the users from actually using what they are trying to use. In this Medium article Vernon Joyce has collected useful tips and examples to explain useful and subtle use of animation, that can actually add value to your website and/or interfaces.

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⇾ Event FAQs

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Maria Keenan has written a 14-part FAQ with the most common questions about events and organising events for Tito. Obviously not everything fits to every event, but it is a nice, general overview.

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⇾ An Alfred Workflow for WebPageTest

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If you are using Alfred, like I do, this WebPageTest workflow for Alfred comes in super handy.

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⇾ Risking a Homogeneous Web

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The big concern here is we’ve lost another voice from an engine perspective.

What Tim says!

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⇾ CSS Animation 101

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Practical and theoretical lessons in this free book about CSS Animation.

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⇾ State of CSS Resets in 2018

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Ire Aderinokun hat a look at the state of CSS resets in 2018 and what we use these days. I found this an interesting read.

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⇾ Tipps for Public Speaking and Presenting

At Notist, you’ll get tipps for public speaking and presenting during December. First post titled “Visit The Room” is online and more should be listed in their advent speaker tips section soon.

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⇾ A Look Behind Kai’s Dense Discovery

I like how open Kai Brach is about all his project. Whether it is the calculation behind Offscreen a he has written about a while ago or the process behind producing and shipping Offscreen, I simply like reading those things. Also because I find myself and what I am doing with beyond tellerrand in those texts a lot of times.

Now Kai’s Offscreen is on a break and he focuses an his newsletter called Dense Discovery. He has written about the process, how he built the email template, what he uses for shipping and so forth, on Medium. Thanks Kai. A good read once more ;)

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⇾ beyond tellerrand // BERLIN 2018 Wrap-Up

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Yesterday evening I managed to finish the first version of the #btconf Berlin Wrap-Up post. All material and coverage, as well as some background information included and updated as long as I get/find new stuff.

No I am off to focus on:

  1. Post-conference stuff for Berlin 2018 (maybe for the next week)
  2. Finding a new venue for the Berlin edition
  3. beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2019!

See you!

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⇾ No beyond tellerrand in Munich in January

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I have already stated in my Munich Wrap-Up from last January, that it is likely that this year no beyond tellerrand in Munich in 2019. Well, I have really enjoyed organising and running Munich’s edition a lot and I will definitely be back, but as you can see from the announcement of Düsseldorf and the ticket sales for Düsseldorf starting next Monday, there won’t be a January(!) edition.

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