⇾ Nature Takes Over

A building which nature takes over again
Photo by Romain Thiery

The French photographer Romain Thiery created a stunning set of photos called Nature Takes Over, in which nature takes back buildings and landscapes.

A beautiful and melancholic atmosphere.

A building which nature takes over again
Photo by Romain Thiery
A building which nature takes over again
Photo by Romain Thiery

⇾ Bren’s Plastic Player now Open Source

Lovely to see that Brendan Dawes opensourced his Plastic Player. I’d love to have one and now, if I find time in any corner of my room, I am able to build one myself. Don’t know about Bren’s Plastic Player? Check this:

⇾ The Schedule for beyond tellerrand Munich 2018

I never loose the excitement in creating the schedule for an event. Pure joy, even though stressful joy with a little bit of pressure, if people are going to like it.

So, I sat down again and made a playlist for the mixtape called #btconf Munich. And this is the playing order aka schedule:

⇾ Marketing without having a marketing budget

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Yesterday I published a blog post over there at the beyond tellerrand blog in which I summarise how I work on marketing for beyond tellerrand without having a budget for this. Next to this I took three examples of friends, who run a magazine, wrote a book and own a product and explained how they use their own community as a marketing tool.

Read: Marketing without a Marketing Budget

⇾ Sebastian Greger’s Wrap-Up of btconf in Berlin

[…] it’s Marc’s “magic sauce” after all.

hahaha … thanks to Sebastian Greger for the lovely and personal summary of #btconf in Berlin.

⇾ Colloq

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After Lanyrd more or less is dead for a long time now, I am happy to see Colloq, a promising new service by three people I know. I have written a longer post about it at the beyond tellerrand blog

⇾ This was beyond tellerrand in Berlin 2017

For the forth time I had the pleasure of inviting 500 people to Berlin once more to celebrate beyond tellerrand in Berlin. It was a great joy and I am thankful that everybody ad the event was so nice and helped creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Thank you!

⇾ Never Code Alone – a free event to learn coding

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Roland runs this event series for people who want to learn programming. Topics vary and this time the topics are TYPO3 and Symfony. Join the free workshops on September 23rd and register here.

⇾ 10 easy guidelines to improve your web accessibility

Beginning of August Eva Ferreira has written ten mostly quick to do guidelines and tipps to improve your web accessibility. A nice read for an important topic. And I think she is right, when she says:

Website accessibility is not always easy to implement, but if you make it part of your everyday workflow (instead of a last-minute checklist) implementation and testing will become easier over time.

Read the full article here.

⇾ Inclusive Components

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I don’t need to write anything. Heydon did already:

What is

A blog trying to be a pattern library, with a focus on inclusive design. Each post explores a common interface component and comes up with a better, more robust and accessible version of it.


Because the web is full of interfaces which don't consider the diversity of abilities, circumstances, and preferences of their users.

More answers to you questions on the about page of this project