⇾ Simple Icons

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SVG icons for popular brands, maintained by Dan Leech.

⇾ “A Day with Shopify” in Bristol – write-up

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Nice write-up by Oliver Lindberg for “A Day with Shopify” in Bristol last year.

⇾ Handling images in Kirby

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Sonja Broda, aka texnixe, has written a very nice article about how to handle images in Kirby.

Read: Handling images in Kirby

⇾ Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?

Kevin Vigneault asks an interesting question with:

Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?

He doesn’t only ask the question, but comes up with some thoughts on what to change in his opinion.

Read: Do responsive sites have to be so tall on mobile?

⇾ Skateguitar

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What a lovely project. Skateguitar.

We are two friends who once had an idea to combine our passion for skateboarding and music.

⇾ You might not need JS

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JavaScript is great, and by all means use it, while also being aware that you can build so many functional UI components without the additional dependancy.

⇾ Reasons:London – cheap tickets end tomorrow

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I will be in London twice in February. This week for awwwards and in two weeks for Reasons:London. Just wanted to let you know, that from tomorrow on tickets are more expensive. Safe a few £ by getting yours today.

⇾ CSSday 2017

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This, at CSSday, looks like a great event. Sad, that I am in NYC exactly then. But you should go.

⇾ Data Stories with Brendan Dawes

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They seem to have recorded 90 episodes already, but somehow I managed to miss this podcast. Just because Brendan Dawes was their guest in issue 90 and tweeted about it, I know about this podcast. A lovely episode and nice to listen to. I mean … come one … it is Brendan. People must think we have a love affair anyways as much as I tell people about him …

Listen to Data Stories with Brendan Dawes

⇾ TWUMBLE – Episode 9 with Joschi Kuphal

I took an unwanted pause after episode 8 of my little podcast called TWUMBLE. This was not planned and just happened as I had too much work with my last beyond tellerrand event and some family reasons needed attention. But now I am starting over again and am happy to finally managed to get Joschi Kuphal on the show, which we planned for quite a while.

Check episode number 9 of my German show called TWUMBLE.