⇾ Combining Typefaces by Tim Brown available for free

Tim Brown has written a pocket guide about “Combining Typefaces“ for Five Simple Steps. Now, that they sadly closed their doors, Tim is making this book available as free download for everybody. I recommend you to go and get it.

⇾ Publishing an indie magazine

Kai Brach, the person behind Offscreen, publishes a lot of good content with insights and behind the scenes stories out of his life as an indie mag publisher. I often find myself in his stories and find many, many similarities between his publishing business and running my event(s). A very good read … not only for magazine publishers or those who want to become one.

⇾ Windows of the World

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If you – like me – once started to take photos of nice doors and windows from places you visit, this one is going to make you jealous. André Vicente Gonçalves collected windows and doors from all over the world. A beautiful and colourful collection.

⇾ Slides in MarkDown

Tobias Baldauf has created a nice opportunity to create your slides in MarkDown:

[…] a slide deck tool for giving presentations written in MarkDown. It is based on Remark.js and written in plain HTML, CSS & JS, making it compatible with all operating systems. It features a presenter console with speaker notes, timer, screen blanking and more.

⇾ The New Web Typography

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A very nice read about typesetting for the Web. Guidelines, typographic rules and much, much more. Read on …

⇾ Sketch prototyping workflow

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This looks like a promising workflow for prototyping, using Sketch and Silver.

⇾ The beyond tellerrand Job Board

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I've written a short blog post about, why I have started "yet another job board".

⇾ The future of loading CSS

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Mr. @jaffathecake on “The future of loading CSS”. Good read, Mr. Archibald.

⇾ Videos about how to make good coffee

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A little video series with Gwilym Davies, World Barista Champion 2009, giving you the basics for a good coffee. Does not seem to difficult, does it? ;)

⇾ What is the IndieWeb (German)

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A very well written article by Joschi Kuphal (in German) about what the IndieWeb is all about. How to start, where to start and where to find help with this.

Don’t forget to also check the two IndieWebCamps taking place in Germany this year so far: