Latest Firefox with Enhanced Tracking Protecion

Isn’t ist spooky sometimes, that you search for a certain asset and in the next moment the next shopping site you visit suggests you to buy something like this? Well, nowadays is it less spooky, but annoying.

I like, that Mozilla makes this a default in their latest Firefox release to block tracking by default. Reason for this enhancement is, that, since the introduction of ETP, the ad industry found different ways to track users. Passing you through the tracker’s site before landing on your targeted website enables them to see where you came from and where you are going.

And this is what Firefox does now:

With ETP 2.0, Firefox users will now be protected against these methods as it checks to see if cookies and site data from those trackers need to be deleted every day. ETP 2.0 stops known trackers from having access to your information, even those with which you may have inadvertently visited. ETP 2.0 clears cookies and site data from tracking sites every 24 hours.

Read the whole post about the latest enhancements on Mozillas blog

A New Gin Family Member – Thanks Rodney

The photo showing a glas with red gin and tonic in a glas with ice cubes and wild berries. In the back a bottle of the gin.

This is just lovely: the door bell. DHL delivers a package. What did I order again and have forgotten about? Did I? No! It is a lovely little surprise by Rodney. A gin I don’t call a family member yet. Infused with wild berry.

Sounds interesting and I just tested it with Thomas Henry tonic, a hand full of wild berries – just right for the summer.

Thanks soo much, Rodney, for thinking of me and bringing a smile to my face with this!

⇾ Web History by Jay Hoffman now on CSS Tricks


I am subscribed to Jay’s newsletter since ages already. Nice to see he is now writing about the history of the web on CSS Tricks as well.

⇾ Visit: Web History by Jay Hoffman now on CSS Tricks

⇾ Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists (Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine)

Image showing 5 cards of the checklist set with the Smashing Cat on the top right - headline is Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists
Lovely design by Ricardo Gimenes

Many people would love to see these being printed to hold these lovely cards in their hands. Right now you can only download the PDF. Smashing Members for free, otherwise for $10.

⇾ Visit: Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists (Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine)

⇾ Modern CSS Solutions (Stephanie Eckles)

Great series on CSS by Stephanie Eckles. A ton of use- and helpful bits.

⇾ Visit: Modern CSS Solutions (Stephanie Eckles)

⇾ Grids Part 1: To Grid or Not to Grid (Sarah Higley)

Tables and grids just want to be your friends, so long as you approach them for the right reasons.

Great read on grids by Sarah Higley.

⇾ Visit: Grids Part 1: To Grid or Not to Grid (Sarah Higley)

Corona Diary 2020 by Vic Lee

The photo showing me holding up the Corona Diary 2020 by Vic Lee, a book full of illustrations by him.

My friend Vic Lee was drawing a diary during the lockdown. He decided to make a book out of it and it turned out just beautiful. Check his Instagram account and follow the links to the book to read the background story. It is worth it.

Well done Vic, it looks great and feels really good!

Palm Beach, Preveli, Crete

These are a few impressions from Preveli Beach, located about 35km south of Rethymno on the south side of Crete and about 10km east of Plakias, another well known beach. People refer to it as palm beach and I gonna write about it in more detail on my blog. A river ends in the sea right here, which is lovely to swim in and where river and sea meet, palms and reed are growing, creating a beautiful scenery.

A New Car

Photo showing an old abandoned car in the backyard of our house on Crete

Found in the backgarden of the house we live in on Crete.

Evita Bay, Crete, Greece

Photo showing the sea at Evita Bay, a place in Bali on Crete

A day at Evita Bay on Crete. Feels surreal after the crazy times. Well, I say after… we are still in the middle of it and for some reason the holiday we booked last year did happen. And we actually enjoy it – with all the safety precautions it needs.