Lightroom – Reset Effect/Setting with Double Click

First: yeah … maybe some of you have known this for years and found it somewhere else on the Web. But I thought, I just write it down for myself and those who have not found it somewhere else yet.

Screenshot showing a part of the Lightroom UI with an arrow pointing to the reset button

You might know, that you are able to rest your whole development settings with the “Reset” button down in the lower right.

This is, as said above, where you erase all the changes you made and bring your photo back to import state.

But what, if you don’t want to reset all settings? When you only want to reset a certain setting. Yes, you can fiddle around with the slider and drag it back to zero. Or click at the single click on the number and type in “0”.

An animated if that shows part of the Lightroom UI and me double clicking on a settings name to reset it

But did you know, that you can double click on the settings name to simply bring it back to zero? What?!? Yes, simply double click it and it resets the corresponding setting to zero. I never ever have to fiddle around with either the slider or the numeric entry. Yay!

Well, I did not and this already made my day. Hope it made anyone else’s day also! ;)

15 Years Clearleft

I actually don’t know when I met someone from Clearleft for the first time. And even not, if that was in Brighton back then. Maybe these details sometimes don’t matter Especially as I only connect good memories with the times I meet anyone working Clearleft. The conversations, the experiences when I meet someone from Clearleft at events, or, attending event organised and hosted by Clearleft.

This year Clearleft turns 15. Time to say congrats for 15 years and on to another 15 and more and new adventures.

Cassie Evans has created a lovely timeline, taking you on a little journey through these 15 years. And if you like, you can even send a little postcard to them.

I Enjoy Hosting and Running “Stay Curious” – More than I Thought

Yesterday, I hosted the second edition of Stay Curious, my little online event about a huge variation of interesting people and their topics. After opening with Rob Draper and Vic Lee two weeks ago, I had the honour of welcoming Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu who both create amazing work.

I still have been sceptical about how I like hosting these virtual online events, not meeting anyone in real, but I have to say, that it does not feel as bad as I thought. Surely some people are a bit silent, but silence is something you have to get used to, when “presenting” online. In front of a camera. It misses the instant reaction and feedback from the audience. But if you focus on the people who react, writing in the chat for example or even tweeting things or posting photos on other social media channels during the event, gives you a bit of alternative to the “real” events.

Next to the four wonderful guests I had so far, I have to say, that it really lifts me up to host those event. The interaction with the attendees upfront, sending out emails with growing excitement to meet the attendees online, helping them with questions … it is a small part of what I usually do and it feels good.

If you like, check the upcoming shows. It would be nice seeing you there as well.

Am I Too Old?

You’re old when you stop dancing, stop singing, stop creating and you start asking that question


⇾ CSS Centering


Ahmad Shadeed has written a very useful article, teaching you all things CSS centering. Next to being handy, the website is real fun to use also ;)

⇾ Visit: CSS Centering

New Intro for CSS Tricks by dina Amin

Photo showing a white background, with a hand of a women on the right, working with little signs and characters, laying them out on the white table

From the very first moment, I have followed dina’s work, I have been in love with it and I have been so happy, when she joined for the first edition of beyond tellerrand in Munich (and later in Düsseldorf). Now recently, Matthias Ott replied to a tweet by Chris Coyier, who was looking for ideas and recommendations for people who’d be able to create a short intro for the CSS Tricks videos/screencasts. dina directly came to my mind and – of course – someone else, Sebastian Golasch, already had mentioned her.

What a perfect fit, I thought, and surely I was happy to connect dina and Chris. So I sent an email to both, just quickly stating how great dina’s work is, how lovely Chris (and dina of course as well) is and boom … a perfect match. How I love if something like this happens. And all just because I throw a little party a few times a year, inviting people to come and watch inspiring and wonderful people together with me.

When I had seen the final outcome of what dina, in cooperation with Asem kamal, had created, I was even more happy. Not only do I really like the stop motion animation in general, but it is so well fitting. As you can read in Chris’ blog post about it, they thought everything well through either and did not just give it a try. They wanted to keep something of the old intro in it, to have a connection, make it snappy, so that people won’t skip the intro and of course dina took things apart 😂

But enough of me speaking about it: have a look yourself, finally

If you want to see variations and a little behind the scenes video you can either have a look at her Instagram account or read Chris’ blog post

Oh and: it only did cost me an email. And next to making these two happy, it made me happy as well. As I said earlier on my website – and repeatedly, I think – why don’t you try and say something positive and great about someone each day, or, say thank you once a day for something, or, to someone on social media? Doesn’t cost much …

LiebeHeide by LiebeFonts

Image showing a torn off piece of paper with a fonts that looks like written with a ball pen, which is actually a digital font.

I am always amazed by the work that Ulrike Rausch releases and am using a couple of her handwritten fonts at beyond tellerrand (like LiebeGerda and LiebeDoris for example).

Now Ulrike published a new digital font called “LiebeHeide”, which simulates the writing with a ballpoint pen. It comes, as usually most of Ulrike’s fonts, with a lot of ligatures and alternate letters, which makes it even more realistic and it is pure joy to play with. I just made this litte note above and I am sure that i will see this font used in a lot of different products, websites and other occasions.

It is just 🤯 to me, what you are able to do with digital fonts these days and for just $19 it is worth even buying to simply have a play with LiebeHeide. I can’t even imagine the time to develop something like this, but using it, puts a big smile on my face, if that is anything worth, Ulrike ;)

⇾ Winamp Skin Museum


If you are my age, you might remember Winamp. I simply loooove this museum. Brings back many good memories.

⇾ Visit: Winamp Skin Museum

Scott Whitehead

Photo showing me, Marc, rising a pint for Scott Whitehead, who died at the age of 39.

Rising a pint for Scott Whitehead.

Rest in peace Scott (1981–2020).

Stay Curious – the virtual beyond tellerrand Café

I attended a lot of online events since March. Some are really nice, some are simply not my cup of tea. The format itself, online, is something I don’t get warm with, but I do want to meet with people, to exchange and maybe get some motivation to get through this time, before we are able to meet again face to face.

For a while I am speaking about it, but tomorrow is the day, when we open doors for Stay Curious the virtual beyond tellerrand Café. A place to meet, exchange and get inspired.

What to Expect?

My idea is, to create a space, where we meet, listen to a few inspiring and interesting talks and have conversations and a coffee or a drink afterwards. For the first edition, I invited Vic Lee and Rob Draper to join me. They will give a 20–30 minute presentation each and afterwards we have time to chat with them, ask questions and so forth. I’d love to have those, who like to ask questions, to join by video (if they like), but I am not sure yet about the final format. I guess it has to evolve over time.

Vito – the Platform

We all meet on Vito, a new platform created by the people behind Tito, the ticketing system I use for beyond tellerrand. It is, as said, new and they are working on it, but I like the way they think about it and it fits the idea of beyond tellerrand. After you registered and are able to join the hub for a show, you’ll be asked a few things: You can decide to enter your name and be fully visible or – well, like in a real café – stay in the back and not have anyone know you are present. It is up to you, if you actively want to participate or to simply lean back and enjoy the talks and conversations.

Again, it is a try to establish something new and hopefully regular, where we can meet and hang out in a cozy and safe space.

I hope you like the idea and are joining us at tomorrow’s or at one the shows in the future. I’d be happy to welcome you.