⇾ Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists (Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine)

Image showing 5 cards of the checklist set with the Smashing Cat on the top right - headline is Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists
Lovely design by Ricardo Gimenes

Many people would love to see these being printed to hold these lovely cards in their hands. Right now you can only download the PDF. Smashing Members for free, otherwise for $10.

⇾ Visit: Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists (Vitaly Friedman, Smashing Magazine)

⇾ Modern CSS Solutions (Stephanie Eckles)

Great series on CSS by Stephanie Eckles. A ton of use- and helpful bits.

⇾ Visit: Modern CSS Solutions (Stephanie Eckles)

⇾ Grids Part 1: To Grid or Not to Grid (Sarah Higley)

Tables and grids just want to be your friends, so long as you approach them for the right reasons.

Great read on grids by Sarah Higley.

⇾ Visit: Grids Part 1: To Grid or Not to Grid (Sarah Higley)

Corona Diary 2020 by Vic Lee

The photo showing me holding up the Corona Diary 2020 by Vic Lee, a book full of illustrations by him.

My friend Vic Lee was drawing a diary during the lockdown. He decided to make a book out of it and it turned out just beautiful. Check his Instagram account and follow the links to the book to read the background story. It is worth it.

Well done Vic, it looks great and feels really good!

Palm Beach, Preveli, Crete

These are a few impressions from Preveli Beach, located about 35km south of Rethymno on the south side of Crete and about 10km east of Plakias, another well known beach. People refer to it as palm beach and I gonna write about it in more detail on my blog. A river ends in the sea right here, which is lovely to swim in and where river and sea meet, palms and reed are growing, creating a beautiful scenery.

A New Car

Photo showing an old abandoned car in the backyard of our house on Crete

Found in the backgarden of the house we live in on Crete.

Evita Bay, Crete, Greece

Photo showing the sea at Evita Bay, a place in Bali on Crete

A day at Evita Bay on Crete. Feels surreal after the crazy times. Well, I say after… we are still in the middle of it and for some reason the holiday we booked last year did happen. And we actually enjoy it – with all the safety precautions it needs.

Support and Community are Important

I have not written a thing on my website for over a month. Not because I have been sick, or anything. I – my family and I actually – are alright. It was just the depressing knowledge of the fact that I won’t be able to run beyond tellerrand events for a while.

Already before beyond tellerrand many of those attendees who have been at the event a couple of times, but also those, who were there only in 2019, have written so man encouraging, nice and heart warming messages via email, text or on social media. I wanted to hug them all and say thanks, but, well, also this won’t happen for a while.

Today I received a parcel by Bianca, one of the people being in the beyond tellerrand family for a long time already. I took this as the kick in the butt to get active again. First of all to be there for what has grown over the last 10 years since starting beyond tellerrand and the people who shape this event and this … community. Is it really a community? I don’t know really, but I think there is something, which is special about those who support beyond tellerrand and me and the way they do this.

I guess you want to know what I got today. Well, it is known, that I do like gin. So, I got a lovely packed bottle of gin, that comes in a wooden box, accompanied by a bottle of tonic and some wonderful words about how this little show titled beyond tellerrand became something that feels like “home” for Bianca. If I only would be able to express how much those things mean to me.

A collage of photos showing the lovely packaging of “Heimat”, a local gin from Schweigern

Thanks so much, Bianca and to the many other wonderful people who are so supportive these days (you know who you are! 😘).

Well … I also know what I am drinking later in the sun. And you?

RIP Jeff Grosso

A photo of an old skateboard of mine by Jeff Grosso
So sad to hear that Jeff Grosso died. I still have a couple of decks of him in my basement still. RIP. 😢

Zoom – My Concerns


Since I had to postpone my tenth edition of beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf (date TBA) and it is unsure, if Berlin or Munich editions are taking place in this strange year, I was trying to work on an online setup for beyond tellerrand. Not to replace the live events – I don’t think this will ever be the same, especially for what I do with beyond tellerrand – but to create a platform, where we can exchange, meet and inspire each other in a time, when it is simply not possible to meet live and in real.

Now, I was testing a couple of platforms to host online meetings, webinars and events of all kinds. During the last two weeks those services had a huge boost and run on their services.

Lists with tools, services and tips for online events are popping up, like these:

Next to this, a lot of Slack channels pop up for event organisers and existing ones have more or less one topic only right now: Online Events.

So far I tested about 10 different platforms to host events on and somehow Zoom is the one that I always return to. For some reason it feels closest to what I want to do with being able to access your camera, to see each other, to speak to each other and not only write in a chat. As I don’t want to the many cool opportunities that pop up now, where people host workshops, webinars or try to port their live conferences into the web, I always came back to Zoom for the mentioned reasons above.

I wish that the people from Hopin would reply to any of my emails. I have written a couple of times, used the “Get Early Access” button, but within the last three weeks no one ever got back to me sadly. What I read on their website sounds nice, but I can’t sadly test it and tinker with it.

But back to why I have not started, what I have in mind right now: I am simply not sure, if I want to identify my event, even if only online, with what Zoom as a company is representing. Last year they were in the news, that, without telling the user, they’d secretly install a web server on your Mac, while installing the Zoom app. This was so bad, that I thought I never gonna use Zoom again. It was so hard to remove this server from your Mac again, that Apple even published a silent Mac update to remove it. (Here is a more detailed blog post by John Gruber about this whole issue and also about many more details, like the way Zoom runs the installer etc.)

Now another issue popped up: Zoom sent data to Facebook – even if you don’t have a facebook account – WTF?!

Well, the code now is said to be removed and they also have a web version (see here on how to use it, which is not as feature rich, but which does not need to install anything and which you can run in a private window, but it still leaves a bitter taste to it. What’s coming next?

And therefore: Do I really want to use a service for my events, where a company knowingly does this kind of stuff? What do you think?