Everything Is Seems Too Fast For Me


I just recognised that the last post I had written before mentioning the video of Danny is from a week ago. I directly thought ”Nah … can’t be true. It was three days ago max. when I had written about Marcin’s book”, but it wasn’t. Right now times feels as if it really flies and is never enough to get all the things in my head, on my to do list and which I really want to and have to do done. I always feel as if I never achieve what I was planning to achieve during a day. And that makes me unhappy and unrelaxed and thinking I am not working enough to get my stuff done and that again is the reason why tickets sales for beyond tellerrand are not as good as before the pandemic.

This on the other hand creates some sort of spiral which creates enormous pressure and me caused by no one else, but me. What can I do to eliminate this? I do have a to-do list which I create with Things, but that is more like a general to do list. Does it make sense to sit down each morning and realistically think about what I can do and am able to get done today? Maybe. But what about the emails, social media and other distractions that usually get in the ways of really getting those things done? Am too easy to distract, but not only this. I also think I have to answer all the questions people have about beyond tellerrand – like the “support” stuff – when they buy tickets or want to know something about the schedule or so, directly. In my head only this is good support. I am also an “inbox zero” person and hate it to have unanswered email in my mailbox.

And you know what: instead of getting better at those things, I get worse.

Or is time just running faster these days?