I Enjoy Hosting and Running “Stay Curious” – More than I Thought

Yesterday, I hosted the second edition of Stay Curious, my little online event about a huge variation of interesting people and their topics. After opening with Rob Draper and Vic Lee two weeks ago, I had the honour of welcoming Nadieh Bremer and Shirley Wu who both create amazing work.

I still have been sceptical about how I like hosting these virtual online events, not meeting anyone in real, but I have to say, that it does not feel as bad as I thought. Surely some people are a bit silent, but silence is something you have to get used to, when “presenting” online. In front of a camera. It misses the instant reaction and feedback from the audience. But if you focus on the people who react, writing in the chat for example or even tweeting things or posting photos on other social media channels during the event, gives you a bit of alternative to the “real” events.

Next to the four wonderful guests I had so far, I have to say, that it really lifts me up to host those event. The interaction with the attendees upfront, sending out emails with growing excitement to meet the attendees online, helping them with questions … it is a small part of what I usually do and it feels good.

If you like, check the upcoming shows. It would be nice seeing you there as well.