An App for Your Event

An email from X: “My name is X, I represent ABC-company - mobile app for conferences and expos https://…
Could you guide me please with whom I can discuss partnership opportunites?”

Me (knowing what he actually wants): “That would be me. I attached my Partnership Document for your information. Cheers and have a lovely Friday.”

X: “Thank you for your answer. Unfortunetly you didn't understand me correctly. We offer our service to events like yours. May we make skype-call I will show to you our service and discribe how you can earn with ABC-company.”

Me: “Ah ok. Sorry, not interested.”

X: “Are you not interested to earn more?”

Me: “Of course. But not interested in using a mobile app at my events. I wish nobody would even use a mobile phone during the event to focus on what is happening onsite and enjoy the event and chatting to other people.”

Why do I even reply to such emails 🙄