Atomic Design Book

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In August last year Brad Frost announced that he is writing a book about atomic design. Obviously I directly preordered the book as I am sure it will be a great and useful read. Oh, if you don’t know what it is about: creating and also maintaining interface design systems. Today, about 30 minutes ago, an update about the progress landet in my inbox and I’m more and more excited while reading it. He explained the planned and written content for chapter three as well as for chapter four.

The third chapter is all about pattern library tools, where the important detail for me is, that it actually is not only or mainly about the tools you can use, but more about how the tools are used. The fourth chapter is giving you information about the workflow of working with and – what I think is great – selling the idea of design systems.

Brad also announced that there will be a fifth chapter, originally planned to be part of the fourth chapter, which deals with maintenance of design systems.

So I was happily and excited reading the updates. As you can see.

More information about the Atomic Design Book.