Brendan Dawes Is Seeking Alternative Rectangles

In a recent blog post Brendan Dawes stated, that he switched off all his notifications. On phone and desktop. He says …

It started with me killing dead all notifications, not just on my phone but on my desktop too. I now live in a state of ignorant bliss, free from knowing if somebody from just liked a tweet or my latest stupid Instagram post. If I decide to fire up either of these that's my decision. With notifications it's the other way round — your phone is controlling you — telling you what to do with your time.

… and I totally agree to the statement that phones – or mobile devices in general – are controlling us more and more. I see this day by day, watching my kids during their days.

I for myself, though, try to simply don’t let this happen. Maybe it would be easier to switch off my notifications as well, but then I see it as part of my job as doing support for beyond tellerrand and being reachable for customers. I am in a totally different role here though, surely. What I learned though, over the years, is to not react to any damn notification anymore. I learned to ignore or overlook them and reply to questions quick, but when I find the time.

How are you thinking about this? What is your way of dealing with more and more distractive noise around you? Would be interesting to hear this (replies recently only work via Twitter and webmention or email of course).

Here is Brendan’s full blog post.