Brought my German Podcast Back to Life

More a note to myself than to anyone else, but I was planning to bring back my little podcast, I run in German, that I enjoy back for a while now. The biggest issue I had was, that I was using parts of my equipment I use for my events and I had to gather everything from various places and boxes whenever I thought, I spontaneously gonna interview someone. Now I bought a small Peli case that holds everything I either need to run out of the house and record an interview or use it at one of my events.

On Wednesday I recorded three interviews already:

  • Selim Varol – one of the biggest street and toy art collectors I ever met. Interesting to chat with him about why he collects and if the passion of collecting at some point turned into his business of also selling art. Also it was interesting to find out many parallels between Selim and me as we both started buying and selling stuff on flea markets being younger than ten years or we both have a massive problem with the German school system.
  • Lisa Maria Kunst – she runs a design and advertising studio in Düsseldorf together wither her husband and also runs the Düsseldorf chapter of Creative Mornings. I was wondering what her benefit of running free events is (surely I know for myself, but it is interesting to hear other opinions). Also I wondered if she and her husband argue a lot, working, liviing and rising kids together.
  • Tobias “Toxik” Kargoll – he runs the biggest German website about HipHop with since a couple of years. Next to the fact that I designed and coded the very first version of the website for the founder in 1999 and until 2002 or so, Tox is a clever person who understood the value of hiphop as a marketing tool and how brands want to use this. He founded The Ambition together with a friend where they consult big brand how they can use hiphop for their brands, but still being credible.

I am split between writing about this here, since the outcome is mainly in German, but I write about this here as this little podcast is something that distracts from a lot of things going through my head in 2022.