Can’t Sell This Podcast and I

A photo of me on stage used as cover for the Can’t Sell This podcast. Photo shows me pointing back to the canvas on stage, you see the audience in front of me, the podcast logo on top of the photo and my name, Marc Thiele, and beyond tellerrand in the lover left corner of the image.

Sadly I was knocked out for the whole past week and lying in bed. Otherwise I would have pointed you to the latest episode of Can’t Sell This, a podcast by my mate Hugh Elliot and Stefan Grambart and which was released a week ago.

We sat down and had a really nice conversation, discussing how much communities are worth, what events mean to a lot of people in digital businesses, what the differences are for online events and much much more.

It was a great pleasure hanging out with these two and they edited the whole podcast nicely. Thanks for having me as a guest and keep on rolling!

And if you want to listen to the show 👉 this way, please