Conversation with Vasilis about Design, Quality and Positivity

Last week I had been in Amsterdam to meet friends and to attend FITC. When I tweeted about it, Vasilis van Gemert asked, if we should meet for a coffee. Of course I said yes, not only as Vasilis is a lovely bloke, but also as it is wonderful, if you have the chance to meet your friends when an opportunity is given.

When we sorted out where to meet, he asked me if I'd like to be a guest on his podcast, called The Good, The Bad, The Interesting. Now he released our conversation, which turned out to end in a nice chat about design, quality and positivity. Ignore the fakt, that I use the word “like” a lot and I think it is an episode worth the time listening to.

Thanks a lot Vasilis, for the lovely opportunity to be a guest in you podcast, even though very spontaneously.

Listen to The Good, The Bad, The Interesting with … well … me ;]