Photos of CreativeMornings on “beyond”

Photo showing Rainer, Lisa and me at CreativeMornings Düsseldorf
A set of photos from CreativeMornings in Düsseldorf, April 28, 2017. Photos by Celine Al-Mosawi.

Last Friday, Lisa and Rainer invited to speak at the CreativeMornings in Düsseldorf. Theme for April was “beyond” and while we all had been at an event of Wacom in Düsseldorf, they asked me, if I’d like to come and speak. Next to shitting my pants and actually not having the time, because I was/am already knee deep in the preparations for beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf, I very much enjoyed it and had a lovely morning and wonderful feedback and conversations after my talk, which made the whole experience a really good one.

Celine Al-Mosawi took photos and published a nice set on Facebook already. As soon as the video of the talk is online, I am going to post it.

So. thanks to Lisa and Rainer, and keep on your inspiring work with the CreativeMornings in Düsseldorf.