Events you can meet me at in the fourth quarter of 2016

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Damn … the time is flying again and we are already near to the last three month of 2016! Crazy, isn’t it? With this post, I want to continue what I started beginning of this year with post about my first, second and third quarter and which events I’ll attend in these months 2016. Don’t get it wrong: it is not a list of events I recommend! I am doing this, as I hope to being able to catch up with some of you as I think, many of you might be at one or another event on my list as well.


For year I try to get over to Amsterdam to attend Fronteers. I know the people organising it, I often know a lot of the speakers, only their date always was an issue for me as it always was within the Autumn school break of my kids and we were away on holidays. This year, finally, it is taking place the week before out Autumn school break. And even though I won’t be able to stay the whole time, I am very much looking forward to at least being part of it at all. Fronteers is taking place from October 6th to 7th with workshops and side activities on 5th. Sadly all tickets are sold out already.


Westvisions is a new and free event in Duisburg. The venue is a lovely, old industrial building in the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, which I also love to travel to with my family. On October 19 the “Gebläsehalle” is the venue for the first Westvisions event. Starting from 18:00 on and ending 21:15 with networking, drinks and snacks, it is an evening event or after work event. I am also going as with Val Head and Seb Lee-Delisle two of my friends, who already spoke at beyond tellerrand, are speaking.

Smashing Conference Barcelona

SmashingConf is back in Barcelona for the second time. And even if you’d have no interest in the topics or the event at all, the venue on its own, the “Palau de la Música Catalana” (here’s the whole set of last year’s event), is worth coming ;)

On October 25 and 26 a great set of speakers is going to give their talks. And the good news is, that tickets are still available. I myself might be a bit off track, as beyond tellerrand in Berlin is very close after SmashingConf in Barcelona. But I am there … physically at least.

Shopify Event in December

I’d give this event a better name, if I only would know the name. ;)

Shopify is running a series of new events, targeting all types of people. The one I am at has no confirmed name yet, but is taking place on December 5th in Bristol. As soon as I know more about it, I am going to update this post.

As you can see it is not too much that I gonna attend until the end of the year. In October there are a few events, but I really have to focus on beyond tellerrand and surely have to work a bit during those events. Accept from beyond tellerrand in November, up to now nothing more is planned for November. And for December I only plan with the Shopify event right now. I mean, sure, this can change any time soon. I will update this post if that is the case. Otherwise I plan to spend some time to tweak a few things on the beyond tellerrand website. Any events I am missing? Let me know about them.