Events I Attend In 2020

I have been at New Adventures in January already and this is a simple list of events I am attending in 2020. More events might be added, but those are the ones to the day, I already arranged travel and/or know 100% I am going and which are not single day meetups or alike (which come on top of the ones below):

Next week FITC Amsterdam is taking place and I’d love to go to meet a few of the people that are going to be there. Sadly this year’s edition coincides with Karneval over here in my area. My kids will be all out on the streets and even though – no – because they are 14 and 16 now (next to the 7 year old one), I don’t want to leave them alone during that time ;)

I’d furthermore love to go to the 20th OFFF in Barcelona, as well as to Smashing Conference in San Francisco, but both are in the week before my tenth beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf and there is no chance I can do this.

An event I have planned to go, but need to sort my stuff out for is Material in Iceland, March 20th. 99,9% sure that I am going, but need to arrange travel and a few other bits.

This on the other hand means, I can’t be at the very first Kirby Konf, taking place at around the same time as Material sadly.

UX London is taking place during the 18th birthday of my nephew and right before I leave for Berlin to attend Berlin Letters. Otherwise I’d love to go as I plan this for many years now.

Pictoplasma and Web Rebels are two events I always wanted to go as well, but they overlap with the 25th anniversary of finishing school, where I do not want to miss meeting all those people from back in the days ;)

Next to those above I have penciled in the following events, where I nee to look into time and family stuff:

Again, those are the ones I know of by February. And only the ones I am sure to go or where I penciled in dates.

If you want to get a more general overview of events and not only the ones I have in my closer choice right now: there are plenty of places to have a look at, depending on what you are looking for. Here are a few resources:

Of course there are more lists to visit as well, but those are the ones, that jumped into my eye repeatedly, when I searched for events.

As you can see, I attend a couple of events and whenever there is the chance to meet and chat with people, especially at other events than the ones I organise, I am totally happy to do so. So, let me know which events I gonna meet you at. Happy to meet you ;)