ScriptConf 2019 in Linz

It is a bit calm and silent here. Well, guess what: we are close to a beyond tellerrand again. This time special once more, as it is a first time in a new venue. Next to this I had been in Austria’s mountains in Tirol last week with my family. I love this before an event to clear my head and to recharge my batteries before hell breaks loose with all the last minute bits and pieces for a show. One more ticket is left for Berlin and I guess it will be sold out tomorrow beyond tellerrand Berlin sold out while I was typing this text. This is great and I will work hard as usual and give my best to make it a good show again.

But before I finally see you at beyond tellerrand in November, I am going to attend an event in Linz at the end of this week. I try to get to ScriptConf since Stefan, Dominik and Sebastian started it. Tobi – whom you might know from beyond tellerrand since 2013 and who now also plays for events like SmashingConf, Frontend Zurich and others – also is going to be there and rocks the stage for the audience in Linz. If that is not reason enough, than maybe an excellent line-up. The page mentions tickets for €159, but I think it is sold out.

Looking forward to meet you in Linz, if you are there (or in Berlin at beyond tellerrand) ;)