Hello 2019

Hello dear 2019. I am happy you are here, as 2018 left a strange taste. I can’t complain about your past really, but for some reason – which I can’t describe or grab – 2018 felt not good and everything felt heavy, clumsy and harder as usual.

Therefore I am happy that you are here, to hopefully change this again. I am looking forward to a year full of great things again. Another – hopefully – lovely event in Düsseldorf, a new home for Berlin’s 2019 edition and many other interesting things in the pipeline.

Not to forget my role as chairman of the Smashing Magazine supervisory board in which I am looking forward to being part of events in San Francisco, Toronto, Freiburg (even though not completely as my youngest nephew is going to get married) and New York. I am looking forward to meeting Vitaly and the team again and get those things kicked off. Some of the team, including me, have written a short end-of-year note as well.

Collage of photos showing a set of lovely presents I got from Chris Shiflett
A lovely surprise this morning – presents from Chris Shiflett’s Faculty

Yesterday I had the first day looking at emails after two weeks again and today I wanted to work on my taxes. The door bell rang and I got a lovely present of Faculty, Chris Shiflett’s new-ish studio. What a lovely way to get back to work. ;)

Oh … and where we speak about kicking things off, when I made plans of running beyond tellerrand in Munich in January 2018, I have written about Simon and how much I liked his New Adventures as kick off for the year. Well, if you haven’t gotten any notice yet (you must live on the moon!): it’s back!!. In less than three weeks I am going to be in Nottingham and am sooo much looking forward to great talks and workshops. But mostly to meet all those people for the first time in 2019 and make the first new friends in this fresh and new year. There are still tickets left and you should get one to be part of it.

Anyways. Whether we meet at New Adventures or anywhere else, I am seriously looking forward to conversations and stories from everybody I meet in the upcoming year.