I Just Backed “Shift Happens: A Book about Keyboards” By Marcin Wichary

Today the Kickstarter for Marcin’s book “Shift Happens: A Book about Keyboards” started and I was looking forward to it. And even though I swore to myself never again to back anything on that shitty platform, I did. Mostly, because I know Marcin, but surely not to give any more to Kickstarter.

Back in 2012 I invited Marcin to come and speak at one of my events for the first time. I had seen him speaking and was blown away by the passion he had for what he was doing. Ever since we stayed in touch and in 2018 I invited him back to beyond tellerrand in Berlin, where he gave his talk “The Abridged History Of Having Fun \/\/ith Keyboards”. Not only was it a great talk, but he also chatted to me before the event to [ask me to get a few old typewriters, as he wanted to prepare a few games for the attendees in the exhibition space](https://newsletter.shifthappens.site/archive/to-walk-among-keyboard-magicians/. And if you think, that this was enough: No, of course not. He also remote controlled the presentation with his shoes!! (He has written about it on Revue, but that platform closed. But I’ll ask him if he published it somewhere else and add it.) Here is the article about his talk and all the things about the shoes and around the talk.

Anyways, he started the Kickstarter for the book today and I backed. While writing these lines, it just hit the $200.000 mark. Wow. Congrats Marcin and I hope it gets even more!

If you like to find out, why someone wants to write a book about keyboards from 2017 to 2022, then you can read about this on Marcin’s website to the book

You can also subscribe to his newsletter, if you are not already.