I Think I am Done with Nike Run Club

For many months I am having issues with syncing my Apple Watch’s Nike Run Club app with my iPhone. Every once in a while – sometime more regularly sometimes after two months again – when I am back home after a run an my watch states ”synced” and I open my NRC on the iPhone I can’t see my run. But not only this: when I then go back to my watch it has disappeared there as well. I often thought I simply switch to Strava, but then, I like keeping my history of my runs in one place.

In December 16, Nike released an update to the app. It happened now, that my NRC did update, but after one day I would see ”Update” with Dec. 16 again. While their support on Twitter was brilliant and super fast, trying to help, which seemed to have worked in the beginning, their support via email is pretty slow sadly. Also they just repeat what I went though with their Twitter support already and which did not help in the end.

Now today I went for another run with a friend and once again my run disappeared from both devices. I started taking photos of my watch with my phone to then add the run manually, but this is actually not the way it should work. I know, this is definitely a first world problem, but simply annoying, especially as I report this behaviour for about two years or longer.

I will now, from February on start start using Strava and give it a try. Maybe I event use one of those syncing tool to take my old runs with me. At least those from January, so I have a clean cut with 2020.

Which app are you using to track your runs and can you recommend it? (I am just using my Apple Watch. I know, there is better hardware out there to track runs ;) … )

Update: Well, just trying to re-activate my Strava account. It shows me, that my email is registered already. Hit ”Forgot Password” three times already. Nothing happens in my inbox (not even in spam). Not a good start, eh 😂