Short trip to New York – back soon! – and good bye Admiralspalast

In two weeks from now, I will be on my way to Berlin to run the fifth beyond tellerrand in Berlin. This event is sold out (workshops still available!) and it will be the last time I am able to run the Berlin show in the Admiralspalast’s Studio. For five shows the Admiralspalast was our home and I actually enjoyed being there.

3 small photos showing the Admiralspalast’s Studio from different positions
A wonderful home for five beyond tellerrand editions in Berlin

I remember, when I was on the hunt for a venue in Berlin in 2013, when I made the decision to run a second edition and I came into the Studio of the Admiralspalast. I was not too impressed, I have to say. Well, considering my Capitol Theater Club, which I learned to love over the three years before adding Berlin, it was … well … different. But then, after the first Berlin show kicked off and went so smoothly and great, I started to really like the place. Despite being in the third floor (many stairs, I know) and having not as much exhibition space as in Düsseldorf (which I loooove!), it has a good vibe. I also always liked, that there was no stage. People are sitting on a staircase-like seating and look onto the stage-area from above. With this, this natural border – which the stage is – is lost and puts speakers and attendees automatically and physically on the same level. During the five shows in Berlin, many people came to me and mentioned, that they like those random conversations with the speaks that happen, as they leave their seats for a drink or fresh air and bump into the speaker on stage. One of those lucky accidents that happens when running an event like this, I guess.

Now, after this year’s beyond tellerrand in Berlin, this is going to be history. Thanks to the staff at the Admiralspalast, especially Ingo, Markus and Antonia! I had a lovely time with you and there.

Instagram photo showing an A380 at Frankfurt airport in parking position
Our home for the next seven or eight hours on our way to New York

But right before Berlin kicks off, I am hopping over to New York quickly to be with the SmashingConf team. Also I use this chance, as we have a Autumn school break in our area in Germany, to bring my two oldest kids to New York for the first time – exciting times ahead. I am very much looking forward to the New York Conference, I love New York, but I must not forget, that I have just a little more than two weeks left to sort out everything that is left for Berlin … and that is still a lot!

Looking forward to meeting you, whether it is in Berlin, in New York or anywhere else where …