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I recently, as from time to time, changed all my email account passwords. But I am not able to update any of my accounts on my iPhone X. I can change the passwords, get the blue checkmarks, when a password is changed, but when I go back to my email program, I get the same damn error, that there is a problem with my accounts and I should check the login credentials.

Really Apple?

I am absolutely sad seeing your quality going continuously down over time. I am not even complaining, that there are no new highlights or features are coming in updates (well those superb Memoji stickers 🙄). I am sad to see the hardware quality of the laptops going down (keys fall off etc.), but even the basic stuff is getting worse and worse.

Sad to see this …

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Apple Support
Apple Support

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this. We’ll be happy to take a closer look with you. If you haven’t yet, please restart your iPhone normally using this steps and meet us in DM if the iss…

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