Issues with Starting My Supporters Page

For roughly one year I struggle to start my Steady page now. Steady is something similar to Patreon, but based in Germany. I have a couple of things, where I struggle, but mainly my issue is to define tiers and to add additional value to the tiers.

I look at my drafted tiers and ask myself:

  • Do those three tiers make sense?
  • Is the amount I ask for legitimate?
  • What, if someone does not want to subscribe, but give a fixed amount once or once in a while?
  • What do I add to the tiers to make the worth while?

If I speak to other people, I often hear, that I am running fantastic events for so many years that are valuable to so many people and I believe this, to be honest. After all those years, I am slowly understanding, that the things I do are maybe valuable to some people. People say i should not add anything in addition to the tiers, since the things I do are worth being supported anyways. Some even say, I should rise my ticket prices (i don’t want to, though – it already is a lot of money).

Now, for a couple of weeks, I am staring onto this drafted Steady page again. Asking me all those questions again.

I am stuck.

I need to make a decision soon. One reason is that Covid ruined my business. I don’t have any money on the business account anymore. I cancelled the planned Munich edition for 2022 already, since this is the newest kid in the event series and not as established as the other cities, more expensive and in November, where I risk running it in another Covid wave.

I have written a lot of long time supporters who will support the other two cities already and I am close to being able to pay the base cost for venue rental and tech in Düsseldorf and Berlin through them – and I owe them so much (they get my love already!)

But I am still stuck with setting up this Steady page. I feel like asking for money without giving anything back. Then, I can’t add much more to the tiers, since I am already not finding enough time for all the things I need to do to keep beyond tellerrand alive.

Right now, I think, I should do these things:

  • Set up two tiers with monthly or yearly options to subscribe
    • First tier is for base support, people who want to give a small amount that hopefully adds up to pay for parts of the base cost.
    • Second tier is a higher amount and will be listed as partners on the website. That could target individuals as well as smaller companies who can’t afford teaming up as an event partner.
  • No additional benefits – for now – apart from keeping beyond tellerrand alive. I might add benefits later or surprise people from time to time.
  • For those who don’t want to or can’t subscribe to something like this, I want to offer one-time payments via invoice or credit card.

But I am not sure. I am still stuck …