Kai’s Answer to How Did You Build up Your Audience

Like many times already, I was nodding, reading the introduction to the latest Dense Discovery newsletter by Kai Brach. It is a completely different audience than people attending my events, yet there are so many things which are very similar in what and how we do things (also with Bastian Allgeier, running Kirby btw.)

Reading the introduction text of Kai’s newsletter, I agree 100% again when he writes:

[…] Invariably, I get asked the same question about Offscreen and Dense Discovery: ‘How did you build up your audience?’

I always feel like my answer to this question is insufficient: ‘Be consistent. Be patient. Have an opinion, but be kind. The word will spread eventually.’ It’s all pretty vague, boring, non-actionable stuff that certainly does not make for a compelling growth hacking listicle. In fact, I probably miss out on a lot of ‘growth opportunities’ by not even following the digital marketing 101. Heck, there is not even an analytics tool on my website, so I know nothing about my visitors.

Read into that what you will. Perhaps respecting your visitors’ privacy and attention, and not engaging in any pushy marketing techniques simply pays off over time? Or I just got lucky. […]

This is me trying to answer the same kind of question many times, when I get interviewed for example. I also am patient and consistent. And I also am not tracking anything on my websites. But somehow I trust the way I work and am happy that somehow people seem to trust me and the way I run my events.

Thanks Kai, for putting this into a nice text ;)