Latest Firefox with Enhanced Tracking Protecion

Isn’t ist spooky sometimes, that you search for a certain asset and in the next moment the next shopping site you visit suggests you to buy something like this? Well, nowadays is it less spooky, but annoying.

I like, that Mozilla makes this a default in their latest Firefox release to block tracking by default. Reason for this enhancement is, that, since the introduction of ETP, the ad industry found different ways to track users. Passing you through the tracker’s site before landing on your targeted website enables them to see where you came from and where you are going.

And this is what Firefox does now:

With ETP 2.0, Firefox users will now be protected against these methods as it checks to see if cookies and site data from those trackers need to be deleted every day. ETP 2.0 stops known trackers from having access to your information, even those with which you may have inadvertently visited. ETP 2.0 clears cookies and site data from tracking sites every 24 hours.

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