New Intro for CSS Tricks by dina Amin

Photo showing a white background, with a hand of a women on the right, working with little signs and characters, laying them out on the white table

From the very first moment, I have followed dina’s work, I have been in love with it and I have been so happy, when she joined for the first edition of beyond tellerrand in Munich (and later in Düsseldorf). Now recently, Matthias Ott replied to a tweet by Chris Coyier, who was looking for ideas and recommendations for people who’d be able to create a short intro for the CSS Tricks videos/screencasts. dina directly came to my mind and – of course – someone else, Sebastian Golasch, already had mentioned her.

What a perfect fit, I thought, and surely I was happy to connect dina and Chris. So I sent an email to both, just quickly stating how great dina’s work is, how lovely Chris (and dina of course as well) is and boom … a perfect match. How I love if something like this happens. And all just because I throw a little party a few times a year, inviting people to come and watch inspiring and wonderful people together with me.

When I had seen the final outcome of what dina, in cooperation with Asem kamal, had created, I was even more happy. Not only do I really like the stop motion animation in general, but it is so well fitting. As you can read in Chris’ blog post about it, they thought everything well through either and did not just give it a try. They wanted to keep something of the old intro in it, to have a connection, make it snappy, so that people won’t skip the intro and of course dina took things apart 😂

But enough of me speaking about it: have a look yourself, finally

If you want to see variations and a little behind the scenes video you can either have a look at her Instagram account or read Chris’ blog post

Oh and: it only did cost me an email. And next to making these two happy, it made me happy as well. As I said earlier on my website – and repeatedly, I think – why don’t you try and say something positive and great about someone each day, or, say thank you once a day for something, or, to someone on social media? Doesn’t cost much …