A New Kirby Website

My favourite CMS – Kirby – got a new website. I like how it turned out and think Basti and the Kirby team did a good job in summarising and visualising how flexible the CMS is.

Screenshot of the new Kirby website showing the different use cases
A nice way of showing the flexibility of Kirby CMS

Next to the teaser/header image, showing the Kirby panel, you can click on different use cases or “user groups” (eg. “Your company”, “Your products”, “Your magazine” etc.). If you click on a different scenario, the header with the panel image for the different scenario changes, but also the file structure below the image adapts and the text file screenshot. I like this.

Screenshot of the footer navigation on the new Kirby website showing the different target groups
A continuous way of showing the many different target groups for Kirby

I also like the visualisation of the continuous story/journey you are on, done though a thin grey line leading from the use case navigation down to the footer with the target groups.

All in all I think that this is well done and fitting for Kirby. The overall appearance feels light and still has its own handwriting (or Basti’s? 🤔 … 😁). The new site leaves enough neutrality to find your own role amongst the mentioned roles – or even create a new one – but takes you by the hand, so that you are able to find your way and be guided.

Congrats to the whole Kirby team for the relaunch and now on to fix all the little bugs 😆

For the next week – until April 23rd – you can safe 20% on Kirby licenses … buy a full basket of licenses to safe $$$ for future projects 😊 )