New Photos and Interview for Lexware

In October I got a message from my mate Sebastian. He was asking, if I’d be up for an interview, which would be published by Lexware in a print magazine. This magazine is distributed by/with well-known other magazines and newspapers throughout Germany. As I am always up for a chat about events, beyond tellerrand and what I do, I certainly agreed to join.

A photo showing a small pile of magazines on the left with its cover page and the title “Tell Your Story”. Next to it lies an open version on the right side with an interview of Marc Thiele about beyond tellerrand.
Cover on the left, open magazine with m interview on the right

The title of the magazine in German language is “Tell Your Story” and it contains 6 interviews with business owners who run a business that is a little different and who – as the title might already tell you – tell their story in a short interview framed by some photos of them and what they do.

Next to me, the magazine holds stories of:

End of October I got a call from Patrick Kunkel who interviewed me and created two or three text versions for the magazine. It was a lovely chat in a good atmosphere and Patrick clearly knew his job, asked the right questions and gave me the feeling to be interested in the stuff I am doing. He set the right atmosphere and base for this nice chat.

A collage with 7 different photos of me. Some in my kitchen, sitting at a table, some in the forest.
A nice set of photos shot by Andy Brüggemann

I furthermore took this as a chance to ask Andy Brüggemann, if he’d be up for a round of new photos of me. The last ones had been taken in 2016 for an interview with Host Europe and furthermore couldn’t be used for this new interview. Andy came and caught me in a couple of different situations. Luckily the weather was nice and we went out into the forest to also shoot a few photos there.

I like what Patrick, Andy and Sebastian and his agency DOTS created here and enjoy the look and feel of the final magazine. DOTS were hired to give the second edition of “Tell Your Story” a more lifestyle magazine character. I think it worked out pretty well. That makes me wonder even, why Lexware themselves created another alternative version of the magazine, which is way less attractive and stiff in its layout and that is now spread next to the way nicer version. I only got notice of it, as some people mentioned they have found an interview with me, when buying the “Süddeutsche”, the “Handelsblatt” or similar.

Anyways. I hope the nicer version by Sebastian and DOTS is being spread as well, as I think it turned out much nicer and actually quite nice overall. It was a lovely experience to be part of it. Thanks to anyone involved.

Download and read the full magazine here.