Newsletters I Have Subscribed To

Let’s face it: how many newsletter are you subscribed to, where you simply hit “read” or delete it the second it enters your inbox? I am guilty of that too. Especially in busy times, like last week, when running beyond tellerrand in Berlin. I tried to keep those newsletters unread to get back to them at a later point. This mostly ended with deleting them anyways in the end.

This list here is a short list of a few of the newsletter that I have subscribed to and that I read. There is many more and I guess there will be a second part of this kind of email, but these few here are the ones that came to my mind first, when I thought about which one to list.

Really Good Emails

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Really Good Email

This is a nice and quick to read newsletter about email marketing and design, that is lovely to read also if you are in a rush. A short scan often is enough to see, if the latest edition has something interesting for you or not. Next to interesting reads about marketing topics, it often has inspiring email templates. The first edition went out in 2015 and about 29.000 people are subscribed.

Responsive Design Weekly

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Responsive Design Weekly

Justin Avery sends out this weekly email to everybody who interested not only in responsive design, but all that matter around web design and development. A good weekly wrap-up, often with some conference/event related news as well. Not too long, good to read. Justin just sent edition 335 of his weekly newsletter.

Veerle's Weekly EDITION

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Veerle’s Weekly Edition

I am following the work of Veerle Pieters for many, many years now and am a huge fan of her work. She also attended beyond tellerrand already, but I never could convince her so far, to get onto my stage. One day maybe ;) Anyways, to me it seems that she launched her newsletter just one week ago, but that is, because time flies. She actually is at her 101st edition of her weekly inspiration boost already! I like that her newsletter is very visual, a good length to quickly read it and that it always has a very personal touch.

Web Development Reading List (WDRL)

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Web Development Reading List

Also this newsletter feels, as if it arrives in my inbox since just some weeks ago, but actually Anselm Hannemann sends out his weekly sum up about what’s going on in web development since 2013 already. Now, 246 editions later, he still funds his newsletter solely by donations and puts quite some work into its curation.

Dense Discovery

Image showing the head of the newsletter called Dense Discovery

This is a pretty new newsletter, where the first edition was sent in September this year. Even though Kai Brach, the person behind this newsletter is not new to this busyness. Kai is known for his print magazine called Offscreen and he started sending a newsletter a while ago already. First he released a newsletter that was called The Modern Desk and later, since mit 2016, he called it Offscreen Dispatch. Now, with Dense Discovery he disconnected it from Offscreen again, but with the same Kai Brach spin as always: design and technology spiced up with app and hardware recommendations and hu emphasis on humanity.

As said: this is only a short excerpt of what arrives at my inbox every week and I am sure, that I can easily fill a second post with more newsletters, I’d like to recommend. Stay tuned, if you want to read more and feel free to send me your list of favourite newsletters.