A Nice Little Setup to Live Stream and Record an Event

I also use the ATEM Television Studio HD for my stage setup. I always am thinking about how to enhance it to also being able to record the whole show. I guess I have to speak to Aaron Parecki and see how he setups up his stuff. Not sure, if I’d manage to use my gear on stage and simultaneously record an event, but let’s find out.

Anyways, Aaron recorded a lovely little video of how he is setting up at an event with many useful insights. A bit of information overload for me, to be honest, but lovely to watch (I guess I have to re-watch, as soon as I am done with beyond tellerrand in Düsseldorf). Nice addition to this is the explanation of his workflow, cutting the videos onsite to more or less directly publish them on YouTube (or Vimeo).

In addition to this video, I’d love to see the following information:

  • A list of the gear that is used (maybe with a price overview as well)
  • A schematic setup plan

Maybe Aaron already has prepared something like this and I only have to search on his website ;)