Flickr Not Providing and Invoice or Receipt


I just extended my subscription on Flickr for another two year. I guess only, because I have not managed to backup all my photos and those of the beyond tellerrand pool. I pay for their product and they don’t event provide a receipt or invoice. Poor.

What is so difficult with this? A PDF that states:

  • What I paid
  • What for I paid
  • Their address
  • My address

That’s more or less it. That can be easily automated and I think for a company like this, it is quite poor. I had a similar experience lately with IPvanish and I think that is really bad.

I already made the decision to leave Flickr and currently look into what I can use or maybe, if it is even enough to host the photos on my own site. But this really just makes me regretting I even paid for the two-year subscription recently.