On the Road Again

Summer break is over. You can see this on those many events taking place since with the end of August and beginning of September. I myself love travelling to meet people I know and to make new friends. And – of course – to attend events with inspiring and enlightening talks.

Tomorrow morning I am off to Brighton for ReasonsTo, an event of my long-time friend John. I love the show John sets up and am very much looking forward to meeting a lot of people I know (I have already seen so many people posting, they are in the UK and Brighton already) and I am excited to see those, I haven’t met before – on stage and next to it! Not to forget, that I love Brighton and being there more than once a year since about 13 years now.

After this, I am straight off to Freiburg for SmashingConf in Freiburg. This is the hometown party of Smashing Magazine since 2012 and the place, where it all started – the magazine and the conference. It is close to sell out (by the time I write this, one ticket is left) and I am looking forward to be back in Freiburg, the lovely medieval town in the Breisgau.

From there, I pick up my kids and we are off to Paris to meet Mozilla and others for three days. Excited to be there as well ;)

Are you at any of those destinations? If so: let’s meet. You should know my email address and also easily find me on any of the social media marketplaces. Ping me and I am looking forward to a chat and meeting you.