One Leg in Berlin, the Other Leg in Dusseldorf

3 small photos showing the forest in which I live with colourful leaves as it is Autumn
Autumn is a beautiful time of the year, if it is sunny – I love sorting my thoughts on long walks with the dog

No idea, if you have this: you finished one project, which was exhausting, yet fulfilling and you are on the way to the next project. In my case I, of course, speak about events. And I just finished my Berlin show. It was wonderful and I am currently working on the post-conference things to be done: emails, invoices, tidying up, sorting tech, left over swag etc. Now my head is already (and for a longer time already) into organising the next Düsseldorf event. Surely you can’t always make a clear cut, but my brain and what I do during the last few days jumps from one to the other event and it seems like not having a plan at all. Plus I have written a couple of venues for Berlin, as I have to find a new home for beyond tellerrand Berlin.

I mean, I have written about my head being so full, but you know, maybe this post is a way to get this problem out of my head again and I am happy to live in a forest, where I can take a walk with our new-ish dog.

I am bursting to get all the new ideas for upcoming events out and to reality and still want to finish Berlin 2018 in a nice and lovely way for everybody with nice and friendly emails for example. But if I only knew where to start ;)