How much time do you need to plan your event trips?

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Update: I’m going to close the survey and the raffle tomorrow around midnight. So you have the whole day to fill in your information and take part in the book raffle. I will then evaluate the feedback and publish the results. Thanks to everybody who took part in the survey!

This morning Joschi asked an interesting question on Twitter.

Pls help me w/ this one: What's the average lead time you need / prefer for planning your conference visits? Thanks!

I find it interesting not only because I’m running my own event, but because I think I can’t really answer this question myself like a usual attendee. I’m attending so many events, that sometimes I decide to go to an event just the day before it takes place. Sometimes I need more time as I want to make sure to really have the time to attend as usually other – maybe family related things – might come in the way. Or someone books me to take photos at her/his event and I need to be there to make some extra shots from the setup, workshops or side events for example. Surely I plan everything for beyond tellerrand really early and also for SmashingConf, as I am a board member and part of the team, but especially events I have never been to with cities and countries I never been to, I try to make some extra time.

Sometimes it does not work out to have extra days before and/or after an event. As said, I am away quite a lot on many events and my family is happy for every day, that I stay at home, of course. Then I prefer to arrive a day prior the event to not miss anything on the first day and I like to leave a day after the event not too early to at least being able to take part in some of the networking opportunities that most events give after the event is over.

To get a more detailed impression, I created a survey that helps to understand how others plan their trips and event journeys. It would be really helpful, if you take part in it. All results will be publicly available.

I think especially (twitter: @jkphl text: Joschi) and (twitter: @briansuda text: Brian Suda), who are planning an exciting event in Iceland, are interested in the outcome of the survey (I guess this was also the reason for Joschi to ask), but of course I will publish all the results.

This way to the survey.

Thanks for taking part in the survey!

Update: forgot to mention that you can win one copy of the Smashing Book #5 or one of the new edition of Andy's Hardboiled Web Design Book, if you take part and want to win. Good luck and thanks to Smashing Magazine for giving the books.