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My friend Vasilis has listened to his first podcast and liked it and was asking for recommendations. I took this as a chance to start a new list of podcasts. Some I listen regularly to, some I listen to from time to time, some in German even. I’ll update this post as soon as I find new podcasts. Also I am happy if you send recommendations my way.

Before I start, I have to say, that I am not focused on a certain kind of show. Some are tech related, some are gadget and hardware based podcasts and some are more design oriented. I simply list all I like and you pick and choose. The order is completely random.

Life + Limb

The Life and Limb podcast is a show by designer Chuck Anderson from Chicago, in which he interviews other creative people. The episodes are quite long with mostly over an hour and sometimes even close to two hours, but I like listening to it, while I am working. Sadly Chuck recorded the last issue in November 2014. I hope he is doing some more.


ShopTalk is a live show by Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier. In over 200 shows – all about one hour long – they have a mix of having guests and a variation called Rapidfire in which they answer as many questions as possible (sometimes also with a guest). ShopTalk deals with topics around front end web design, development and UX.


Hired is a podcast by Cameron Moll about work life, company culture and hiring. Cameron just started the third season of his show, usually always having a very interesting guest in on his virtual couch. With around 25 to 40 minutest for each episodes it is a great show to listen to not only in your studio or at home, but also on the bus, train or during a walk.

Creative Coding Podcast

Seb Lee-Delisle and Ian Lobb are recording their Creative Coding Podcast since 2011 already – another fact that shows me how fast time is ticking. They had a short gap between 2013 and 2015, but are back on a regular basis now. The name states, what the show is about: programming for creative applications. Sometime Seb and Ian have guests, sometimes they don’t.

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business is a show, which started 2013 with Anna Debenham and Andy Clarke and is now hosted by Andy only. It started as a more business oriented show, went through a time when it was a more personal show of Andy’s interest only and is now back to topics dealing with creativity, web design, work and life and much more. Usually with some interesting guests and mostly quite entertaining.

Let’s Make Mistakes

A podcast about design – that is what the tagline says about Let’s Make Mistakes. Hosts are Mike Monteiro, Liam Campbell, Steph Monette and Seven Morris. They have changing guests and each show is about 50 to 70 minutes long. Attention: very inspiring conversations …

Working Draft (German)

Working Draft is a weekly German Web developer and Web designer podcast by six fantastic people. Usually the podcast is completely in German, but sometimes they have guests like PPK, Chris Heilmann and Jeremy Keith, which makes them switch to English. In over 260 episode, they usually discuss current topics and/or recap the past week.

Back to Front Show

The Back to Front Show is a podcast hosted by Keir Whitaker and Kieran Masterton. In 2015 they more or less took a break, but they are back now and do not focus on a certain area in particular, but discuss a number of regular topics.

dConstruct 2015 Podcast

Not really a podcast, but maybe something like a small-batch podcast. In 2015, before dConstruct, Jeremy Keith interviewed the speakers of the event. I really liked the loose and nice atmosphere during those interviews and can recommend listening to them.

The Big Web Show

Who else then Jeffrey Zeldman could host a show named The Big Web Show? Usually Jeffrey invites an interesting guest to have a conversation about all things web. Each episode is roughly an hour long and the pace of the show is quite laid back, which I enjoy while having a glass of red whine for example.

The Web Ahead

Like The Big Web Show, The Web Ahead is 5by5 network. Jen Simmons, known to the web industry from many articles and speaking at a lot of events, invites experts of a variety of technologies and always with an eye on the future of the web.

Style Guide Podcast

I am a bit sad actually, that this very nice podcast with a lot of useful insights by Anna Debenham and Brad Frost came to an. They did 12 episodes and decided that a small batch series would be enough to cover this topic up to now. But who knows: maybe they are back sooner or later. Fingers crossed.

Simple Podcast

Developer Kahlil Lechelt is part of a few podcasts dealing with web design topics. This one, called Simple Podcast, is a personal podcast of him and what I like about it is, that every episode is only 3 minutes long. That makes it really easy to listen to it and sometimes get a nice view on things, a suggestion for something or similar and it does not even harm if you don’t get anything out of an episode as you only spent 3 minutes listening to it.

The Bureau Briefing

Beginning of 2016 the The Bureau Briefing was started. It is a podcast with 20–30 minutes episodes and the host is Carl Smith, whom I happily met at one of my conference trips. The show consists of interviews lead by Carl. In a very calm and nice way Carl has a conversation with someone out of the Bureau of Digital community.

The Path to Performance

Katie Kovalcin and Tim Kadlec hosting a show dedicated to fostering a culture around web performance in organisations … but not only. Every episode is transcribed and in each episode they have a guest with whom they discuss a specific topic. Sadly they did not produce any new episodes since November 2015 after ten episodes, but I simply hope they continue the show.


The Presentable Podcast is a podcast by Jeffrey Veen in which Jeffrey and his guests set their focus on how we design and build the products that are shaping our digital future. In his charming and gentle way, Jeffrey is interviewing and chatting to people for about 45–60 minutes.

… to be continued…

Updated on June 2nd, 2016: added a few podcasts and added RSS feeds in addition to the websites of each show

Updated on June 9th: added more podcasts to the list

Updated on June 17: more podcasts