Events, Events, Events

On Thursday I’ll once more speak at the Webworker Ruhr Meetup. And once more in a team along with my mate Bastian Allgeier.

While Bastian digs deep into Kirby 3 matter and shows all the wonderful new stuff Kirby brings with the latest release, I myself will take a step behind the curtains of organising events. Usually people mostly see the shiny bits, when the actual events happen. My aim is to show all the little bits and pieces from finding a venue to getting enough money to actually run the event and creating an interesting event. Maybe I am able to squeeze enough information and stories out of my 20-year event organiser brain to make this interesting and useful.

I hope that this is going to be of interest for the people coming and am excited about the conversations afterwards.

If you want to attend, please check the Meetup page of WWruhr and come along. Would be lovely to see you there.