Shift Happens – A Book Project by Marcin Wichary

I think, but am not sure, I heard of Shift Happens, the book project of Marcin Wichary, when he spoke at beyond tellerrand in 2018, where he gave a brilliant talk about “The Abridged History Of Having Fun \/\/ith Keyboards” (watch the talk here on YouTube). Back then he already started working on it, but I think it was in the pretty early days.

Marcin’s book project is the best selling tech book on Kickstarter ever with over $750,000 pledged. Even though I said, I never gonna back anything on Kickstarter anymore, I supported Marcin’s project of course.

This morning I got my edition of “Shift Happens” and could not help, but make a few photos that you can find here to get a first impression of the books, their case and how it looks and feels.

Massive congrats to Marcin. Can’t wait to meet hi next time and ask him all the questions about the book, the process of everything and more.

See the photos I took here