Smashing Book #6

Photo showing the design of the Smashing Book 6
The Smashing Book 6 design by Chiara Aliotta

Today the Smashing Book #6 was pre-released and announced and yes, you could say, I am part of the Smashing Magazine team and therefore I am biased, but let me just say a couple of things:

  • the announced content looks absolutely promising
  • the value for money is ace
  • if you like practical books, that one is yours


Let me just list the chapters and people who have written the chapters to show you what I mean, when I say it is a practical book:

  • Making design systems work in real-life – by Laura Elizabeth
  • Accessibility in times of SPAs – by Marcy Sutton
  • Production-ready CSS Grid layouts – by Rachel Andrew
  • Strategic guide to CSS Custom Properties – by Mike Riethmueller
  • Taming performance bottlenecks – by Harry Roberts
  • Building an advanced service worker – by Lyza Gardner
  • Loading assets on the web – by Yoav Weiss
  • Conversation interface design patterns – by Adrian Zumbrunnen
  • Building chatbots and designing for watches – by Greg Nudelman
  • Cross Reality and the web (AR/VR) – by Ada Rose Cannon
  • Bringing personality back to the web – by Vitaly Friedman

Looks good? I think it does.


If you pre-order the book is $29 instead of $39, the e-book $14,90 instead of $19. Already a great price. But what I really can’t see in Vitaly’s post in Smashing Magazine is, that, if you are a Smashing Member, you save another damn $10 (I think that is with the highest plan – but you can definitely save money with the lowest plan as well), so that the whole package only is $19. That, for a printed book, is a lovely price, in my personal opinion.

Do I get any money for this shameless advertising plug? Nope, but I am happy to advertise for something, where I think it is good value for money.

So, my tip: become a Smashing Member and use the benefits of that throughout the year, like the money you save on this book and many more benefits.