My Photos From Smashing Conference in Toronto

It was a bit silent over here lately. One reason is my work on beyond tellerrand in Berlin, but another reason is, that I was away for a week and spend my time at the first Smashing Conference in Toronto.

Image shows a collage of photos from Smashing Conference in Toronto
Impressions of the first SmashingConf in Toronto – click to get to the full album

Not only was it the first event for Smashing Magazine in Toronto, but also the first one with a new concept to be tested. Vitaly asked the speakers to not have slides while presenting. It was allowed to use the projector for other reasons, maybe to live draw or live code during your session, but not simply for slides. Except for a ver few speakers, everyone followed this task and even though I heard critical opinions before the event (I was sceptical as well), the majority of the presenters not using slides, as well as the attendees really enjoyed the different way of presenting.

I created a set of photos with impressions of the main event as well as the workshops and the jam sessions, on the evening before the conference. The overall atmosphere at the TIFF Bell Lightbox was really good. Not only the cinema, which was used as the main theatre for the talks, but also the sponsors and breakout area and the lunch and learn room was well visited. The lovely weather and Toronto added to the overall good vibe.

Have a look at my impressions of SmashingConf Toronto 2018