Smashing Print #1: Ethics & Privacy

Image is a collage of 6 photos showing the new Smashing Print magazine in several angles

After a long time talking about the Smashing Print magazine, it is finally released. #1 circles all around ethics and privacy and you can read articles by Trine Falbe, Vitaly Friedman, Heather Burns, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Laura Kalbag, Stuart Langridge and Cennydd Bowles.

The introductory price is $17.95 instead of usually $24.95, but if you are a Smashing Member, you get a discount if you are Supporter ($3/month) or Member ($5/month) and a completely free printed magazine if you are a Smasher ($9/month). Worth thinking about it really. Especially if you see all the other benefits you have got, like huge discounts, if you want to attend the events, free ebooks and webinars and so forth.

The cover of the magazine was designed by the wonderful Veerle and she has written a little bit about the process of creating the cover design in her latest newsletter, which is worth the read (worth subscribing to the newsletter anyways!).

Well, that’s it, but I would sum it up with a few useful links related to the printed magazine #1: