Stay Curious – the virtual beyond tellerrand Café

I attended a lot of online events since March. Some are really nice, some are simply not my cup of tea. The format itself, online, is something I don’t get warm with, but I do want to meet with people, to exchange and maybe get some motivation to get through this time, before we are able to meet again face to face.

For a while I am speaking about it, but tomorrow is the day, when we open doors for Stay Curious the virtual beyond tellerrand Café. A place to meet, exchange and get inspired.

What to Expect?

My idea is, to create a space, where we meet, listen to a few inspiring and interesting talks and have conversations and a coffee or a drink afterwards. For the first edition, I invited Vic Lee and Rob Draper to join me. They will give a 20–30 minute presentation each and afterwards we have time to chat with them, ask questions and so forth. I’d love to have those, who like to ask questions, to join by video (if they like), but I am not sure yet about the final format. I guess it has to evolve over time.

Vito – the Platform

We all meet on Vito, a new platform created by the people behind Tito, the ticketing system I use for beyond tellerrand. It is, as said, new and they are working on it, but I like the way they think about it and it fits the idea of beyond tellerrand. After you registered and are able to join the hub for a show, you’ll be asked a few things: You can decide to enter your name and be fully visible or – well, like in a real café – stay in the back and not have anyone know you are present. It is up to you, if you actively want to participate or to simply lean back and enjoy the talks and conversations.

Again, it is a try to establish something new and hopefully regular, where we can meet and hang out in a cozy and safe space.

I hope you like the idea and are joining us at tomorrow’s or at one the shows in the future. I’d be happy to welcome you.