Kirby 3.5 Release Show at Stay Curious

A few weeks ago Bastian and I had the idea to run a live stream to celebrate the release of version 3.5 of Kirby and show new features and functionality. As I’m truly a huge fan of Kirby (and Basti, and his work) I loved this idea!

Why I like Kirby so much? Well, before I started using it – also for client projects back then – I aways had to suffer the “I have to tweak and bend the hell out of Wordpress to get what my client asks for” world. When I started using Kirby, and even more with the introduction of the Panel in Kirby, this was history for me.

It’s soooo bloody easy to get a quick draft of a site up and running and throw a first functional draft on your clients table. It’s so quick to quickly test whether tabs in the panel work for you or if you prefer using columns … or a combination of course. The flexibility – not just in the panel, but also with what you are able to make out of Kirby – is something everybody raves about. Including me. Just have a look at the many fantastic websites people built with Kirby. Oh, and I don’t want to miss mentioning how fast Kirby performs. Most of the times, you can really feel a difference, when you, for example, migrated your website or blog to Kirby. I mean, Jon Hicks just said this a few days ago, right?

But I get dragged away … This show is focusing on a new release: Kirby 3.5. What are the new features? How has Kirby and the team behind it, including Basti and Nico, done during Covid-times so far? What is planned for the future? How comes, that the Kirby community on Discord and formerly on Slack is so active and what does this mean for Basti’s work and the development of Kirby? If you don’t have or bring questions, I certainly will!

So, join Bastian, Nico and me in a live show about all the above and use you chance to ask them the questions you always had ;)

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