Stories on the Road – a Community Roadshow Powered by Storyblok

For a longer time my friends of Storyblok and I are working on the idea of bringing free meetup-like community events to you. What was cooking for a while finally is starting now with our first two stops in Brighton and Leeds, in the UK.

“Oh come on Marc! Advertising events of a company that you sell us as community events. Not interested in getting promotional talks about a headless CMS…”

This or similar is maybe what you think, when hearing about a roadshow like this. But …

  1. … you don’t know Storyblok then and
  2. … you don’t seem to know me either.

Storyblok is doing so many things for the web community, that it feels needless for me to actually write this, but: they don’t need this and love the Web.

I myself would never sell my soul or attendees to anything I don’t believe in and think it would be great fun. Plus: did you have a look at the people joining us? I think that speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Stories on the Road – The Kick-Off

Therefore I am super happy to let you know that this is a start of a journey for 2023, where we visit a couple of cities in Europe with various speakers from the community to create inspiring evening events for you, where you can meet other people that work for, in, on and with the Web.

For the first stops in the UK, we are super happy to be joined by Cassie Evans, Jeremy Keith, Arisa Fukuzaki, Harry Roberts, James Hall (who also kindly offered their offices to be our venue for the Leeds stop) and Phil Hawksworth.

Keep an eye on the beyond tellerrand website or on the Storyblok website for updates on the planned stops. Whatever fits your needs better.

The Value of Attending Events Like This

I feel like repeating myself here, but for me events have a value far beyond seeing the talks. In my 24 years of being freelancer/self-employed I took most of what I am today from attending events. New projects, ideas, energy, new contacts, even new long-time friends! I believe there is so much that this provides, but I guess you heard this from me already, right? ;)

Well, I am very much looking forward to get back on the road and meet you!